Is Your Wedding Day Timeline Causing You Stress? -- We Can Help!!

Look no further for everything you need to know to create that PERFECT Wedding Day Timeline! In this blog I am going to share ALL of the information that Amanda and I have learned from capturing Weddings every weekend!! I will talk about how to create a Wedding Day Itinerary -- that will take the stress out of your Big Day -- and give you the right amount of time for each part of your Special Day!

Timelines create A LOT of stress for our Brides and Grooms -- which is why I wanted to take a minute to highlight 5 important key components to help alleviate any stress and to help guarantee your Perfect Wedding Day Timeline!! Keep reading for all of our BEST Wedding Scheduling Tips -- and see how our couples are able to have THE BEST Wedding Day Timeline -- while still making space in your day for everything that matters!!


Let’s start with the Ultimate Cheat Sheet to creating a Perfect Wedding Day Timeline!! The following Cheat Sheet includes all of the key parts of your Wedding Day -- please feel free to take away OR add any moments to personalize it for you and your Best Friend! This Cheat Sheet will give you a starting point -- which is something that Amanda and I do for ALL of our EJP couples!

Keep in mind that the Minimum time below is the shortest amount of time that we recommend -- where as the upper limit you see below is the -- in our opinion -- best amount of time to capture everything!

Feel free to use this Cheat Sheet as your guide -- these time Minimums and Maximums are the first step to having an AMAZING Wedding Day Timeline!

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Groom Getting Ready Photos: 30 - 60 Minutes

Bride Getting Ready Photos: 75 – 90 Minutes

First look: 10 - 20 Minutes

Bride and Groom Portraits (Immediately Following First Look): 15 - 40 Minutes

Wedding Party Photos: 15 - 30 Minutes

Photographs of Ceremony Decor: 15 - 30 Minutes

Wedding Ceremony: 30 - 60 Minutes

Immediate Family Photos: 15 - 60 Minutes

*ProTip: We would recommend no more than 10 Family Combinations and Large Family Groupings to be done at the Reception, because this part of the day can quickly eat up a large chunk of time!

Newly Wed Photos: 30 – 45 Minutes

Reception Decor Photos: 15 - 30 Minutes

Reception: 90 – 120 Minutes

*More time if you wanted coverage until the end of your Reception for a Sparkler Exit or more Photos of you and your guests getting their Groove on!

Travel time -- 0-120 minutes

*Make sure to add this into your schedule anytime a location change is needed

**As a quick rule of thumb -- when trying to figure out how much time you will need for your Wedding Photography coverage, we suggest the following:

  •  8 hours can work -- IF everything is happening at ONE location
  •  10 hours is PERFECT when you are having a longer Ceremony (Ex. Catholic Ceremony OR if there are different locations for the Ceremony, Portrait Locations, and/or Reception)
  •  Consider adding a FIRST LOOK – for the experience, and to maximize your Coverage Time! -- Check out my Blog about the Pros of having a First Look here!


SIDE NOTE -- Is this Blog overwhelming you already... and you are only at Tip #1?? -- FEAR NOT! For ALL of my EJP Brides and Grooms -- Amanda and I do this for you!! We will create a Wedding Day Timeline personalized just for you -- so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your Day!! Like I mentioned -- we have been capturing Weddings every weekend for years now... and if you are feeling overwhelmed after only the first tip -- That's okay!! You are not the only one!! -- We LOVE Wedding Photography and we can work with you to help you to make your Wedding Day The Best Day Ever!!

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First Look photos have become increasingly popular in recent years -- Eons ago when Amanda and I got married.. you know back when their were dinosaurs roaming around haha! -- First Looks were not really a thing! BUT NOW -- First Looks are some of our FAVORITE pictures of your Big Day! These are photos taken before the Wedding Ceremony, as the Bride and Groom see each other for the first time on their Wedding Day!! First Looks provide you with time together to connect as a couple -- before you begin the day -- and start your Greatest Adventure together!

First Looks can maximize your timeline and give you and your Best Friend more breathing space between your ceremony and your reception. Plan on having at least 60 minutes for the First Look -- which also includes time for your Bride and Groom portraits AND Wedding Party Pictures!

Consider adding a first look to your Wedding Day Timeline!! If you didn't already -- Click Here -- to learn more about adding a First Look and all of the benefits that go along with it!

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There are so many beautiful places for Wedding Photography in Western Pennsylvania!! Unless your Ceremony, Portrait Location, and Reception are all being held in the same location -- you will have to consider how much time it will take to travel to and from each location.

While you are putting together your Wedding Day Timeline -- we would suggest mapping out how much time you need for travel!! (Ex. Time between Getting Ready Locations to Ceremony, Ceremony to Portrait Location, Portrait Location to Reception, etc.)

((ProTip: Add a little EXTRA time than Google Maps says (+10-15 minutes) for the Bridesmaid who needs that extra second to freshen up their hair/make-up or the Groomsman who has to use the restroom!))

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Amanda and I LOVE to help our couples create a Personalized Wedding Day Timeline -- because we feel that the last thing you should be doing on your Wedding Day is stressing about your schedule -- Let us do that for you -- and you focus on ENJOYING your Day!

On your Wedding Day -- we want you to be relaxed and enjoy all of the moments!! When you do the planning work upfront -- you will reap the benefits of being relaxed on your Big Day! One Week before your Wedding -- Amanda and I will set up a call with you to go over your Timeline and help you be relaxed on your Special Day!

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The real point of your Timeline is to keep your day on track as much as possible -- understanding that there may be a little ebb and flow -- AND THAT'S OKAY!! When you make enough space for every part of your day -- you get peace of mind!! You can focus on what your Wedding Day is really all about -- This is the day you get to MARRY YOUR BEST FRIEND!! -- Everything after that is just part of the dream and we cannot wait to be a part of capturing it!

Feel Free to reach out to me with any questions that you have about your Big Day!! We LOVE love and we love Wedding Photography!! This is something that we are extremely passionate about and love to help!

To all of our Past, Current, and Future EJP Couples out there -- We hope that your Lives are Filled with Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After!

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