Hey Guys!! I am a photographer based out of Johnstown, PA but love to travel. After shooting weddings for several years, it has always been my dream to start my own Photography Business. What could be better than achieving a goal you set for yourself you ask? Being able to take on this business side by side with my best friend, my wife!!

We specialize in "Lifestyle" Photography that emphasizes those natural moments caught on camera! Our goal as photographers is to capture those special moments and have fun doing it!! Because if it's not fun, it's not worth doing, Right?

We LOVE love!! The best part of our weekends is being able to share them with future Mr. and Mrs., Families, and More!!

So, whether you're getting Married, Starting a Family, or just want to capture some Precious Memories -- we would love to hear from you and help you create beautiful photographs that you'll treasure forever!!

Adventure wedding

Edward Jacob

Lead Photographer

Edward Jacob Photographer

Hey there! I'm Edward Jacob and I'll be your Guide for the day at Edward Jacob Photography. From exploring the world to Fly Fishing in Central PA, my list of hobbies are endless! One thing you can bet on -- is that you'll rarely catch me without my camera!

Capturing our lives through the lens is my true passion! I thrive on sharing not only our unique stories with the world -- but yours as well!! Nothing brings me more joy than seeing my pictures in my Clients homes and knowing that my photos will be memories that they remember for a Lifetime together!! I am always on a mission to discover beauty in the most unexpected places! Let's start this visual journey together! 📸✨

Edward Jacobs Photography


Second Photographer

Iceland Photographer

Hi! I'm Amanda!! The second photographer with Edward Jacob Photography! When I'm not freezing those Magical Moments at your Big Day -- you'll find me exercising, hiking, crafting, and going on Adventures with the Love of my Life and our two furbabies!

My favorite color is... RAINBOW! -- Why pick only one Color when you can have them all! :)

Beyond the lens -- I love everything fitness - CrossFit, Running, Hiking, Muay Thai!! -- The list goes on and on! I also love exploring new places with my Best Friend ((my husband of 10+ years.... shheeeessshh!!)) -- Mr. Edward Jacob himself!! Whether we are traveling the world together or going grocery shopping -- Life's an Adventure with this one!

I'm a goofy person -- a person who narrates my furbabies every wish in their distinguished voices -- who believes in finding joy in every day! Life's a canvas, and I'm here to capture the vibrant hues that will make your Special Day unforgettable!! 📸✨

teton photographer

Bela & Remi

Associate Photographers

second shooter

I'm Bela!! The Chief Fluff Officer and resident Associate Photographer at Edward Jacob Photography!! -- Let's get one thing straight-– I'm the REAL BOSS around here! Mom and Dad think that they are in control, but anyone who knows me -- knows that is not true!

In between snoring loudly through my several "Pup Naps" -- you'll find me indulging in some top-tier "hoo-man" food!! Seriously -- who can resist a good treat?! -- Not Me!! You better watch your plate closely, because I might be 12 years old.. but I am as quick as they come!

But here's the real scoop – I LOVE being carried EVERYWHERE we go!! Why walk when you have a world-class chauffeur like Mom and Dad -- Am I right?!

My favorite parts of the day are snuggled up beside Mom and Dad as they work on Sessions and Weddings from their favorite Clients!📸🐶


I'm Remi! the Second Puppy Child and Associate Photographer at Edward Jacob Photography!!

I've mastered the art of being Dad's shadow -- especially on trips to the lake!! I love watching him fish and helping him land those BIG trout!

Some of my favorite things to do include going on long "W-A-L-K-S" with Mom and Dad! Yeah... I can totally spell -– it's just a fun game I let my parents play! I let them pretend they're pulling a fast one on me because -- let's be honest -- as long as I get to go on walks and be with them... it's a win-win for me!

My absolute favorite parts of the day? Kicking back at Dad's feet while he works his editing magic and soaking up ALL the attention from new friends we meet along the way! 📸🐶


Exciting news! -- I am thrilled to announce that I now offer drone services for your photography and videography needs! With drone technology, we can capture stunning aerial shots that add an extra element of beauty and uniqueness to your photos and videos.

Whether you're looking to incorporate drone shots into your Real Estate Photography, Wedding Day, or other Special Event -- I am here to help! Contact me today for more information on how we can use Drone Video and Photographs to create stunning, one-of-a-kind images that capture the magic of your Special Moments!

Let's work together to create something truly special that you will cherish for years to come! Contact me today to learn more about my drone services and how we can customize them to fit your needs and vision.

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