To do a First Look? or Not to Do a First Look? -- That is the Question!

To First Look or Not to First Look? -- I get this question A LOT from my Brides and Grooms on the Pros Vs Cons of doing a First Look on your Big Day -- so I thought.. why not create a Blog post about First Looks and then you have the information at your fingertips and can make the best decision for you and your BFF on your Special Day! I'm here to share my thoughts on the matter -- straight from the heart and with a touch of Dog Dad of humor!

Now -- let me first start by confessing something -- when Amanda and I got married....Eons and Eons ago!!! First Looks were a brand new idea -- like first generation IPhone new!! Therefore Amanda and I decided NOT to do a First Look and stuck to original tradition of seeing the Bride for the first Time at the altar like glue!

But let me tell you how times have changed! Looking back now -- and knowing what I know about Wedding Days and Wedding Timelines -- I can't help but think about how much fun it would have been to share that special moment with my bestie before the chaos of our day unfolded!! Needless to say -- while discussing with Amanda and thinking about our day -- we both would have definitely chose differently now, than we did then! We would -- 100 percent -- have chosen to do a First Look and here a are few reasons why!

Reason #1: It's Just the Two of You!

What makes Wedding Days so special in my eyes -- is that you get to be surrounded by your FAVORITE friends and family!! However this also means that on your Big Day -- you will not have a lot of time to be alone -- just the two of you! Having a First Look allows you to have that one on one time with your Best Friend!! I will simply fade into the background and then you guys will have a window of time to share in the joy and happiness that is about to unfold!

From my standpoint -- having a First Look gives our Brides and Grooms the most candid and real moments -- because you are so focused on each other that you can completely let your guard down -- which make for some of the best photos!!

groom first look
bride first look

Reason #2: Say Goodbye to Nerves!

His Palms are sweaty, Knees weak, arms are Heavy! -- Eminem Said it best! I don't know about you -- but I was extremely nervous on our Wedding Day!! First Looks are a great way to work out any Pre-Wedding Jitters!! Connected -- you and your Groom-to-Be (Bride-to-Be) are able to help ground each other and share the excitement of the incredible journey you are about to start!

To my Male Readers out there -- My Grooms tend to appreciate First Looks, because they can experience bigger emotions as a private intimate moment instead of infront of a large group of people! When Amanda and I are setting you up for the First Look -- what I REALLY enjoy -- is being able to talk with my Grooms and preparing them for their big moment. This is probably one of my favorite parts of weddings, because I can remember just like yesterday being a ball of nerves myself on our Big Day and I can not only relate, but I enjoy helping my Grooms through this excitement and anticipation about what is going to happen!

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Reason #3: Your Wedding Party Will Thank You!

The reason why your Wedding Party will LOVE having a First Look is that after a First Look happens -- and you have gotten to feel all of the feelings -- Amanda and I will quickly get a couple of pictures of just the two of you and then call in your "I DO" Team --those awesome men and women that are a part of your Bridal Party -- for pictures before the Ceremony too!!

Your Bridesmaids will love this -- because their hair and make-up will have just finished and they will be looking their best and freshest!! The Groomsmen will love this too --because after the ceremony -- we will NOT need them anymore!! If I have learned anything from weddings -- the quicker the boys are done with taking pictures -- the happier they are!! haha

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Reason #4: Time is on Your Side!

They say time flies when you're having fun -– and on your Wedding Day, every minute counts! A First Look means you get to spend more time together as a couple -- BUT it also unlocks Timeline Advantages that maximizes your time with your Photographer (Me!)

By this time in your schedule -- we would have gotten a lot of things accomplished and we would be getting very close to the ceremony so Amanda and I would send you away to rest and retouch before the ceremony, while we capture details of your ceremony!

Amanda and I LOVE doing First Looks, because with your Wedding Party Pictures and some pictures of Just the Two of You -- the majority of the "heavy lifting" for photographs is done BEFORE the ceremony even starts!! That means you don't need a huge gap between your Ceremony and Reception! This way you can start your Cocktail hour right away and your family and Wedding Party can immediately start enjoying that Party that you have planned! How awesome is that?

indiana pa wedding photography
indiana, pa wedding photography

Reason #5: More Time with your Wedding Guests

While your guests staty Cocktail Hour -- Amanda and I will whisk you away QUICKLY for about 20-30 minutes to capture your Newly Wed photographs! Because we did a First Look already we will only need you for a couple of minutes -- and you know the Signature Drinks and awesome Hors D'Oeuvres you picked out? Well you will be able to enjoy those with your guests or in a private setting -- you get to choose! While you get to enjoy most of your Cocktail Hour -- Amanda and I will be able to capture your Reception Details -- and you will be able to relax and enjoy the Party!!

altoona pa wedding photography
altoona, pa wedding photography


Amanda and I LOVE taking Photographs on your Big Day!! If you would let us -- we would take pictures of you two every second of your Wedding Day!! Since we know that you would probably get sick of us hanging around the whole time having a First Look is a great way to get more photographs from your Special Day!

So, if you're still on the fence about whether or not to do a first look -- I would encourage you to consider the benefits. Not only will it give you a chance to share a special moment with your best friend, but it will also streamline your Wedding Day Timeline and ensure that everyone looks their best!! With that being said -- if you're feeling more traditional -- I can completely understand and Amanda and I will work with you to help make your Day one that your will remember for a Lifetime!

To all of my Past, Current, and Future Brides and Grooms -- We hope that your lives are filled with Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After!

Edward Jacob

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