Bubbles or Sparklers Exit? -- Why Not Both!

When it comes to planning the perfect Wedding Exit -- some of my couples often find themselves torn between the charm of Bubble Exits AND the allure of Sparkler Exits!! I often get asked by my Brides and Grooms about which one that I prefer more and my answer is -- BOTH! I really like both for different reasons and not to mention the photo opportunities that both Exits provide is really unmatched! -- So why choose between the two -- when you can have the best of both worlds!?

In this Blog I will briefly talk about why I feel that Bubble Exits leaving your ceremony are not only awesome, but also help with adding a formal ending to the Ceremony -- AND -- why Sparkler Exits during your reception are equally as great, but also give you and your Best Friend a time to connect at the end of the evening!!

Leaving us with the question of Why Not Combine Both?? -- to create a truly magical ending to your Special Day!!

Let's Talk Bubble Exits!

I think that there is something beautiful about walking hand in hand with your Bestie through loads of shimmering bubbles!! The more people you have at your Ceremony -- the more beautiful the photo opt with thousands of Bubbles floating about!

I think that Bubble Exits add a special touch to the ending of any Ceremony -- they add feelings of joy and excitement as you make your Grand Exit as officially Newlyweds!!

Not only do bubbles make for stunning photos -- but I think that they also create a perfect ending from the Ceremony!! Your guests will know that their special job for the day has concluded and that they can make their way to the next event!! Sometimes without that conclusion some guests are unsure of when to leave and will linger about!

I think a Bubble Exits not only give an ending to the Ceremony, but it also adds excitement for the rest of the Day's Activities!!

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Let's Talk Sparkler Exits!

On the other hand -- Sparkler Exits offer a time for you and your Bestie to reconnect! Wedding Days are... busy!! -- and I remember that at Amanda and I's Wedding -- we hardly saw each other once we arrived at the Reception!! She was off dancing the night away and I was mingling with our closest friends and family!!

The Sparkler Exit provides a moment for when you both need to be together on your Big Day!

The great thing about Sparkler Exits is that we have completed them SEVERAL ways! We have done Sparkler Exits as a Grand Exit with all of your guests invited outside to have a dramatic Ending to the Night! AND we have also pulled JUST the Bridal Party and a few close relatives outside for a more intimate moment as Newlyweds!! It can be done either way!! But I did want to mention this, because you do not have to stop the party for a Sparkler Moment!

Sparkler Exits create a sense of magic and offer a golden glow over your final moments of your Big Day!!

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Double the Magic -- Double the FUN!

So Let's wrap this up -- why settle for one when you can have both?! That's what I always say! When Amanda gives me a This or That Option -- I always tend to choose.. well.. BOTH! haha! Drives her wild sometimes, but why not!!?

By combining Bubble and Sparkler Exits -- you will create a truly unforgettable finale to your Wedding Day!! The contrast between the whimsy of bubbles and the elegance of sparklers will leave your guests awestruck and ensure that your Special Day truly ends on a high note!! Needless to mention -- because this is always my main focus for all of my couples -- BOTH of these Exits.. will give you amazing images to remember for years to come!!

So when it comes to choosing between Bubble and Sparkler Exits -- why limit yourself to just one? Embrace the best of both worlds and create a Wedding Exit that is as unique and special as your Love Story!!

To all of our Past, Present, and Future Brides and Grooms out there we truly hope that your lives are filled with Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After!

Edward Jacob

ligonier, pa wedding photographer
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wedding photography ligonier, pa

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