Let me start off by asking you this -- what happens when you find someone who not only shares your adventurous and fun loving heart but also your alma mater? -- Well, you say "I DO!" in a heartbeat, of course!! That is exactly what happened when Amanda and I met Kyle and Jessica -- these two lovebirds who brought a slice of Slippery Rock University and a walk down memory lane for Amanda and I and a fun way that bonded all of us together!! From talks about Boozel food to their Wedding Day -- to say we enjoyed Kyle and Jessica's Wedding Day would be the understatement of a century!

In fact, it was almost as if we were all kindred spirits -- separated by only a few years... okay, maybe more than a few, but who is really counting here? Probably Amanda! -- let's be honest she spent more time in the Library studying her way through College than I ever did!

Through Kyle and Jessica's Special Day -- Amanda and I couldn't help but smile as we reminisced about our own SRU journey!! The place where we fell in L-O-V-E -- as Amanda would say!! Seeing the same spark between Kyle and Jessica -- we knew we were in for a treat! And trust me -- we weren't disappointed!

So grab your College Pennant and raise those triangle flags high as we talk about the Amazing Wedding Day of Kyle and Jessica!

hinckston run farm Wedding
hinckston Wedding

Let's first start by mentions that this AMAZING couple managed to pack a lifetime of milestones into a single weekend!

They closed on a house, got married, and then -- the very next day!! -- were already planning their move into their forever home! With all of this going on -- Kyle and Jessica were just as happy as could be on their Special Day and took everything in stride with the excitement of the milestones they were facing -- TOGETHER! I was truly shocked and in awe by how go with the flow they were and how they were able to manage these huge milestones all within one week!

There Wedding Day was a whirlwind of emotions, and it brought back memories of when Amanda and I were young!

In Fact -- we had a similar story to Kyle and Jessica when we got married ourselves!! At the time of our Wedding ... way back to circa 2013!! -- Amanda and I were living in North Carolina and Amanda accepted a job back home the week of our Big Day! So within a 10 day time span -- we got married, went on a honeymoon, found an apartment, moved back, and Amanda started her job that Monday!! Sheeeessshhh -- just thinking about it makes me tired! Which now thinking about it.. might be even more of the reason why we all got along so effortlessly! It was like looking through the mirror at this awesome couple!! Slippery Rock Grads.. check! Accomplishing an extraordinary amount the week of your Wedding.. Check! Check! Check! CHECK! haha!

Wedding hinckston run farm
Wedding hinckston run

But let me tell you -- Kyle and Jessica were every photographer's dream come true!! Their go-with-the-flow attitude and their comfort with each other made my job a breeze! Every shot captured the magic of their love and the ease with which they navigated their Big Day!

Especially when we they were up for a little Adventure during their Reception at Sunset!! I mean -- what's a wedding without a little adventure? The sky at the end of the evening of their Special Day was one that would make Leonardo Da Vinci himself baffled! I literally could not have been happier that Kyle and Jessica trusted me enough to sneak away from the reception for probably less than 10 minutes to capture these beautiful pictures!! Those photos -- with the vibrant skies as a backdrop and Kyle and Jessica as the stunning models -- are truly magical if you ask me! I mean -- can it get any better!!?? I don't think so!

Wedding hinckston

Looking back at this day -- I'm reminded of how honored I feel to have been a part of Kyle and Jessica's Special Day... even if just a small part!! Kyle and Jessica radiate the kind of love and happiness -- that every photographer dreams of capturing through their lens!!

As I write this blog, I hope that Kyle and Jessica can look back on these moments, years from now and feel the same love and joy they did on their Wedding Day.

After all -- the bonds forged at Good Ol' SRU run deep, and they've created a Love Story that's bound to stand the test of time! Cheers to Kyle and Jessica and to a Love Story that shares similarities to Amanda and I's beginnings and continues to grow!

We hope that your lives are filled with Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After!

Edward Jacob

hinckston run farm pa wedding
hinckston pa wedding
Wedding hinckston pa
hinckston pa wedding

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