DID SOMEONE SAY "FREE"? -- Why I Offer FREE Engagement Sessions with my Wedding Packages!!

Who doesn't LOVE getting something for FREE!! As a Wedding Photographer -- I often get asked why I offer free Engagement Sessions to my couples. There are several reasons why I believe offering free Engagement Sessions is not only beneficial -- but crucial for creating a memorable and stress-free Wedding Day experience for my Clients!

1. Getting to Meet the Couple Before the Big Day!

2. Practicing Posing and Building Confidence!

3. Lessening the Nerves of Being in Front of a Camera!

4. Professional Pictures for Save the Dates -- and More!


So let's sing for joy that "You have the Golden Ticket" into why I think having an Engagement Session prior to your Big Day is necessary and why I include them in my top Wedding Packages!


I feel that one of the best results that happen because I offer Free Engagement Sessions with most of my Wedding Packages is the opportunity to get to know my couples before their Wedding Day!!

Building a rapport with my clients allows me to understand their personalities, preferences, and unique Love Stories better! By spending time together during the Engagement Session -- we can establish a level of trust and comfort that translates into more authentic and meaningful Wedding Day photos!!

I feel like EVERY Engagement Session Amanda and I ALWAYS chat about how much we enjoyed the time that we were able to spend with our Brides and Grooms!! Most of these people we are lucky enough to say that we are STILL involved in their lives and have grown true friendships out of them!! One of the BEST things about photography is growing WITH my couples!! Through shared experiences of adventures, vacations and future parents!! I LOVE love in all forms and how it grows through time and love sharing that with my couples! The more time we are able to spend together -- the better it is for me!!

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For many of my EJP couples -- their Engagement Session is their first professional photoshoot experience!!

Offering a complimentary Engagement Session allows us to practice posing techniques in a relaxed and informal setting without the hectic time crunch during the Wedding Day! The Engagement Session gives us a chance to get comfortable in front of the camera -- experiment with different poses -- and discover what feels most natural and flattering for each of my Brides and Grooms!

By the time the Wedding Day arrives -- My couples admit that they felt more confident and at ease, because they already knew what to expect and remembered the poses that we did during their Engagement Session -- which results in more natural and beautiful photos!!

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Let's face it -- being in front of a camera can be nerve-wracking -- especially on such an important day as your Wedding!! I can be the first one to admit that it can definitely be intimidating -- trust me!! I am a PRO behind the camera -- but in front of the camera even I get camera shy!!

By having an Engagement Session -- this helps all of my EJP Brides and Grooms to alleviate some of those Pre-Wedding jitters by allowing the couple to become familiar with the photography process in a low-pressure environment!!

By the time their Special Day arrives -- My Brides and Grooms are professionals in front of the camera -- which makes for not only stunning BUT stress-free photos too!

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In addition to providing valuable practice and confidence-building opportunities -- Engagement Sessions also provide you with a sort of treasure trove of professional photos that my couples can use for various purposes!!

From creating personalized Save-the-Date cards and wedding invitations to displaying framed prints at their wedding reception!! There is nothing that I love more -- except for Amanda! ha! -- than recieving/seeing my photos used as Save-the-Dates or printed at my Clients Weddings!! I love knowing that my photos are not only going to good use for Save-the-Date cards, but more than that -- knowing that my couples can and will look back on these photos and be able to remember the love that they felt during that moment AND STILL FEEL!!

My sincerest hope is that these photos will serve as a reminder of their Love Story and their fun filled Journey to the altar!

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Not only can Engagement Sessions be a great way to meet, help with practicing posing and lessen the nerves for the Big Day, AND give you endless photos of the two of you!! -- BUT!! I also REALLY enjoy them!! I LOVE Photography!! I LOVE meeting new people and sharing in their Love Story!! I LOVE that I get to be a small part in such an amazing day!! So I guess my Bonus Tip is that -- I Love Engagement Sessions too ((Hopefully as much as you will!!)) and that's one reason why I include them in my Top Wedding Packages!!

Two Sum everything up -- For me -- An Engagement Sessions isn't just about snapping a few photos!! The Session is about building meaningful connections, instilling confidence, and creating lasting memories for ALL of my couples!! By investing in these sessions -- I can ensure that every moment captured on their Wedding Day reflects the Love and Joy for my Brides and Grooms!

To all of my Past, Current, and Future Brides and Grooms -- We hope that your Lives are filled with Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After!

Edward Jacob

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