"A Life Lived in Love will Never Be Dull."

There was not a dull moment with this Engagement Session for the Soon-To-Be Mr. & Mrs.!! After rescheduling and ALMOST having to cancel due to rain -- I am so GRATEFUL that Chris and Kirsten were willing to trek through the wet surroundings to capture some memories just like these!! You wouldn't be able to tell from the pictures -- but there was a torrential downpour of rain 1 hour before our session started! ((Insert Palm to Face Emoji Here)) As the Southern Women would say to Amanda when we lived in North Carolina -- Bless Chris and Kirsten's hearts -- that they were willing to commit to this session regardless of the weather conditions!! Boy I am glad they were! -- because these images are turning out AMAZING! -- I mean look at these two Love Birds!!

engagement PA
engagement session Pennsylvania

Typically I start writing blog posts on Wednesday mornings with a cup of coffee in one hand and my Yorkie-Poo snoring loudly in my ear!! Then Amanda will check them spelling errors and what not later that evening -- FIY Do you know how hard it is to spell "torrential downpour" and how many times "tarantula" came up when I looking up the spelling for this post?? == Amanda hopefully changed that spelling by now before you had a chance to read this! Words are tough, but photography is absolutely the best!

HOWEVER with this Session -- I just couldn't wait! I HAD to take a minute during my editing to write about how excited I am about this session! It's like one image after the other! A GREAT challenge of my job is when I have TOO MANY images to deliver to my Clients!

engagement session pa
engagement photo pa

ONE LAST THING -- can I just quickly say how awesome Chris and Kirsten's kids were! All of them were on board for the session and Gabe -- the oldest son -- was cracking jokes and having a good time!! By the end of the Session I think that Amanda was almost challenged to a push-up contest! It is great to see the whole family come together and share some laughs and have fun while taking photos! Special Shoutout to the Grandparents of the Year who were able to watch them all as we finished the session!! Thank you guys so much!

Such a great day! Such a great family! Such a great Session full of laughs and love! We cannot wait to help capture more amazing memories of this Amazing Couple next September!

We hope that your lives together are filled with Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After!!

Edward Jacob

engagement photos pa
engagement session photo pa
engagement session photos pa
engagement session photography pa


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