5 Reasons Why You Need a Second Photographer At Your Wedding!!

This blog post is simply a few of my favorite reasons why you should have two photographers at your Big Day!! Since Wedding planning is all about lists (am I right?!) on sticky notes and notebook paper -- I will simply list the reasons first and then go into detail later.


  1. Get images from different angles.
  2. Assist with Family Formals so that they will take less time.
  3. Assist with difficult shots, hold lights, and help carry extra photography gear.
  4. Two Photographers will give you more images than one photographer would.
  5. BONUS Reason! -- BUT for this one... You'll have to wait until the end!
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Woodhaven Wedding Photographer

1. Get images from different angles.

A Second Photographer allows me to capture pictures straight on while Amanda -- my trusty Second Photographer -- can hit those candid moments from different angles!

While I'm stationed at the front of the aisle capturing your heartwarming vows, my trusty second photographer –- Amanda even considers herself the unproclaimed "Angle Ninja" -– is sneakily at the back, snapping away from a completely different perspective! The result of having 2 photographers? Double the shots, double the variety, and double the WOW factor when you look back on your Special Day!

Whether it's a candid tear rolling down your cheek or a candid smile lighting up your face -- having multiple angles ensures we capture every magical moment from every possible viewpoint!!

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2. Assist with Family Formals so that they take less time!

Depending on the size of your Family -- Family Formals COULD take a big chunk of time following the Ceremony and cost valuable time for your NewlyWed Photos!!

Sometimes Family Formals could seem like a potential minefield of wrangling unruly relatives or corralling rowdy ring bearers!! BUT FEAR NOT! -- With a second photographer, we can tackle those group shots like a well-choreographed flash mob!!

While I organize the troops and keep everyone in line (literally! haha!) -- Amanda -- my trusty Second Photographer -- can roam the sidelines and help wrangle everyone up for the next series of photos so that we can make sure to get you all of the pictures you want AND in a timely manner!

The result? Family Formals that are not only efficient -- but also brimming with joy and laughter!

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3. Assist with Difficult Shots, Hold Lights, Ladders, and Carry Extra Photography Gear.

Luckily for me -- My Second Photographer is a fitness Maniac!! If you spot us on Wedding Days you'll see Amanda lugging around the Camera bag, flashes, and all the photography gear that we need for the day! This is an essential task that a Second Photographer needs to be able to do to help free me up to help capture the in between and special moments between you and your Fiancé!

If you have been following me on Social Media -- you should know how much we both LOVE veils!! Long veils, Short Veils, Red Veils, Blue Veils -- we never had Red or Blue Veils, but for some reason Dr. Seuss just came into mind when I was typing out this Blog and here we are! haha!! -- Needless to say -- WE LOVE VEILS!! That Classic Veil Shot would not be possible if it weren't for an extra set of hands!!

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4. Two Photographers give you more images than one would!

Two photographers mean DOUBLE the coverage, DOUBLE the memories, and DOUBLE the Instagram-worthy shots!! While I'm busy capturing your intimate moments up close, my second photographer is positioned strategically to capture those candid moments and spontaneous reactions that add depth and dimension to your Wedding Day Love Story! Whether it's a stolen glance between you and your Best Friend or a spontaneous burst of laughter from your Guests -- having Two Photographers ensures that no moment goes unnoticed and no memory goes uncaptured!!

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5. BONUS REASON!! - Amanda is my BFF!!

Amanda is my Second Photographer, My Wife, and my BEST FRIEND! Why is this helpful on your Big Day you might ask? Because -- Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!! The Second Photographer that you would get on your Biggest Day -- isn't just any random shutterbug. Oh no, they're none other than my partner-in-crime, my confidant, and my favorite human – my wife! Together, we make the ultimate dynamic duo, seamlessly complementing each other's strengths and ensuring your wedding day is captured with love, laughter, and a whole lot of sass. With our combined passion for storytelling and our shared vision for creating timeless memories, you can rest assured that your wedding day will be documented with the utmost care, creativity, and attention to detail!!

Regardless of what you choose to do your Wedding Day is going to be one that you will always remember and we hope that we can be a part of capturing those memories!!

We hope that your lives are filled to the brim with Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After!

Edward Jacob

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