They say rain on your Wedding Day is good luck -- but for Kayla and Tyler -- absolutely nothing could dampen the mood on their Big Day!!

It was a Saturday -- and as a photographer -- I secretly hope and pray that it NEVER rains on Saturdays from April to November!! I mean is that too much to ask?? -- But you know what? That day, the rain came pouring down during our portrait session... I could see the look of disappointment on Amanda's face, but what was truly remarkable to me is that Kayla and Tyler did not care one bit!! Both Kayla and Tyler -- I remember from their Engagement Session and during our "Week Before the Wedding Call" are truly the most easy-going, down-to-earth couple that Amanda and I have ever worked with!!

So Grab your rain jackets and umbrellas and join me for the epic tale of the very Special Day for Kayla and Tyler!

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So the secret is out of the bag, unfortunately it did rain on Kayla and Tyler's Special Day -- BUT luckily for us -- their Newly Wed Photos took place at a friend's family farm -- complete with an AMAZING barn!! Amanda and I quickly adapted, used flashes, and captured some incredible shots! Don't believe me -- take a look for yourself!

Need I mention -- it also did not hurt us one bit having a bride and groom as head-over-heels in LOVE as these two!! -- By having that it is hard not to get amazing photos!!

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What has ALWAYS stood out to me about Kayla and Tyler -- is that their love and support for each other took priority over any hiccups that might come their way.

I remember our "Week before the Big Day" call like it was yesterday -- this is a call that we have with ALL of our brides and grooms to iron out those pesky final details and establish the timeline for their Big Day to help things run smoothly when the Special Day comes.

Countless times during this call, I remember Amanda and I both saying over and over, "Yep! Perfect! guys made that easy!"

Kayla and Tyler are the dream clients every photographer hopes for!! They were always ready with a "Whatever you think, Edward" attitude and an unwavering trust in my judgment!

This really made my job not just easy -- but incredibly fun!!! Because of Kayla and Tyler I was able to get really creative and literally had the best time capturing photos from their Big Day!

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When I reflect on this day -- I cannot help but smile -- when I think of the moment that the rain stopped literally moments before we had to run back to the reception!

I am so happy that Kayla and Tyler trusted me to take them for a quick stroll around the property before we shipped off to the Reception!

In fact -- one photo of them running back to our cars to get over the Reception stands out to me and Amanda and I were back pedaling, the looks on their faces really says it all! The love that they have for each other is undeniable and they are such an incredible couple!

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It was a great day!! -- and it seems like yesterday -- even though it was the whole way back in September... sheeshh am I behind on these Blogs!

As I look at these photos now -- I can still hear the laughter and feel the fun we had! I sincerely hope that Kayla and Tyler had just as much fun on their Special Day as we did -- capturing the Joy, LOVE, and beauty that defines their Love Story!

Cheers to Kayla and Tyler -- who remind us that true love shines through, rain or shine!

We hope that your lives are filled with Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After!

Edward Jacob

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