Did We Just Become Best-Friends? -- YUP!

Fun, Fun, Fun!!!! I am definitely a broken record by now, but man oh man was this a fun session with an amazing couple Shane and Jenna!!! They even got ALL of Amanda and I's corny movie quotes!! -- Which can I take a second to mention, not many of our couples do anymore!! Not even classics like: Step-Brothers and Napoleon Dynamite -- I mean real quality tv people! (haha!)

Fun Fact -- before EVERY Session (Engagement, Seniors, Family -- you name it!) Amanda and I think it is funny to quote the Part of Napoleon Dynamite where Deb is taking Uncle Rico's professional headshot as we are driving to the Session. Every time we also wonder what our Clients would think if when we had them positioned in a pose and then this movie quote was the next thing we said to them!! We think it is HILARIOUS!! ((And although we have never said this quote during a session -- YET!)) We still wonder to ourselves -- Would our clients get it? Would they laugh? Or would they think we are crazy people!? Probably the latter and they probably aren't wrong -- but at least we like to have fun, right?

Click here to see the clip from Napoleon Dynamite and let me know what you think!!

Aside from Jenna and Shane's superb taste in movies, we quickly realized we had so many other things in common and by the end of the session I think Jenna asked, "Did we just become Best-Friends?" -- Yep!! and Yep! -- especially since we circled back around here to top movie quotes again!! What a truly amazing, fun, down to earth couple -- after each session Amanda and I reflect about how lucky we are to have extremely genuine and fun Clients to work with day in and day out!! Shane and Jenna are just that, which makes our job super easy and fun!

Ligonier engagement photographer
Ligonier engagement photographer

Do You Want To Go Do Karate In The Garage? -- YUP!

Although -- Shane, Jenna, Amanda and I didn't go do karate in the garage we did find ourselves in a little hiccup. When I was texting Jenna she said that Shane and her would prefer a city vibe to their photos opposed to a rustic setting in the woods. I immediately thought of Ligonier, first and foremost because we have never done and session there (and have always wanted to) AND also because Amanda and I love to go antiquing and shopping there!! When Jenna and Shane said that they were on board we were excited to take pictures in a town that we love!!

Before a Session Amanda and I ALWAYS check the weather a couple days before each session and the weather was looking -- PERFECT, the sunset was going to be -- AMAZING!!

-- BUT when we arrived --- little did we know that there is a concert held in the heart of town every Sunday evening. ::insert face palm emoji here::

Luckily for us -- Jenna and Shane were up for anything and as a Wedding Photographer these kind of things happen all of the time! I constantly find myself pivoting from plan to the other! There might be mid-day full sun or even rain that happens on a Wedding Day that I have to be prepared for and come up with an alternative solution to get my Brides and Grooms photos that we will both be happy with!

Although my original idea for this Engagement Session had to be altered slightly -- I am extremely grateful that Jenna and Shane trusted me and I am EXTREMELY happy with how these pictures turned out!! I mean check out these two love birds!! These pictures are turning out AMAZING! After each Engagement Session I get more and more excited and I cannot wait to help Jenna and Shane capture lifelong memories on their Special Day in April!! Congratulations again to this amazing Soon-To-Be Mr. & Mrs.!

We hope that your lives together are filled with Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After

Edward Jacob

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Ligonier engagement photographer