Love, Laughter, and a Spooky Twist!

As a photographer -- it literally is such a privileged to be able to capture unique love stories ALMOST everyday!! --- AND Recently, I had the pleasure of photographing Sam and Ashley's Engagement Session at Twins Lake Park!! What made this Session EXTRA Special was their shared love for scary movies!! With the tall pine trees as our backdrop and their creative attire -- we were able to create unforgettable moments -- that I feel -- truly reflected their personalities and interests!!

Fun Little FYI -- Amanda and I are huge babies and cannot watch Scary Movies!! Sam, Ashley, Amanda, and I all laughed about this little known fact during our shoot, which made the day even more enjoyable!

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What I love about photography is being able to travel to so many awesome locations. A lot of our Brides and Grooms ask us what Venue or Location is our favorite -- and our answer is ALL of them! We love to try new places and get creative! What I liked about Twins Lake Park was the HUGE pine trees-- which provided a stunning backdrop, casting that perfect pocket of shadow, which added a touch of magic to every frame I was taking!

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engagement photography Latrobe

A Spooky Twist

Incorporating their passion for Scary Movies -- Amanda and I were able to capture Sam and Ashley in their favorite spooky movie-themed attire!! Capturing their love for scary movies in a natural and beautiful way is a testament to the power of a personalized Engagement Session with me! Amanda and I LOVE doing sessions with a couple's personality in mind -- whether it's a shared common interest or with their beloved Fur-Baby!! -- Amanda and I can definitely testify to the power of our love for our two Fur-Babies Bela and Remi!! We will show a picture of our perfect pups to anyone who is willing to look at them!! It is an awesome experience to infuse each session with a couples unique personality!! Sam and Ashley's genuine expressions and interactions during the entire Session really showcased their love, laughter, and a playful spirit!

engagement photography Latrobe, PA
engagement photography latrobe, pa
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Sam and Ashley's engagement session at Twins Lake Park celebrated their love, laughter, and shared interests. With nature's beauty as our canvas, we were able to create images that reflected their personalities. I always feel that it was such an honor to be able to freeze these moments in time and preserve their love story for years to come!!

I mean how cool is that to think about -- years from now our couples can look back on a picture and remember special memories (hopefully laughs if we did our job right!!) and feelings they had for each other at that exact moment in time!! It's such a rewarding experience that through my pictures I get to help couples relive those times!! Photography is such a great job that I feel so lucky to be able to do day in and day out and with my very Best Friend!! I cannot wait to help capture more memories for this awesome couple Sam and Ashley on their Special Day next October!!

We hope that your lives are filled with Love, Laughter and Happily Ever After!!

Edward Jacob

engagement photography pennsylvania

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