Ladies and gents -- hold onto your hats and click your heels, because I am about to whisk you away on a whirlwind adventure from the Wedding Day of Michael and Morgan!

And when I say whirlwind, I am not just talking about Kansas dust storms -– we're talking tornado warnings that will have you thinking that we are off to see the Wizard!

So grab your Ruby Red Shoes and Click your heels twice -- because Toto -- we are definitely not in Kansas anymore with the Remarkable and Unforgettable Special Day of Morgan and Michael!

Yinzer Farm Wedding Photography
Yinzer Farms Wedding Photographer

Before we dive into the Wedding Day itself -- let's rewind to where it all began -– Frick Park!!

Frick Park is where Amanda and I first met this Dynamic Duo during their Engagement Session!! Instantly -- Amanda and I knew that there was something special about Michael and Morgan!! -- In fact, we all hit it off so well that Amanda and I almost tagged along with them to a Pirates game that they were going to after our session!! Morgan and Michael are just that kind of down-to-earth and fun-loving couple that Amanda and I love to surround ourselves with! PLUS -- it didn't hurt that during our Engagement Session Morgan mentioned that there was going to be a Pizza Food Truck at their Reception!! Anyone who knows me knows that my love language is Pizza!

Yinzer Farm Wedding Photographer
Wedding Photography Yinzer Farms

Now, fast forward to Morgan and Michael's Special Day -- which I would like to mention that Mother Nature decided to spice things up with a side of -- Tornado Warnings! But let me tell you -- what impressed me the most was that Michael and Morgan did not let a little weather rain on their parade!!

In fact I don't know exactly how we did this -- BUT we managed to get all of the crucial photos done -- The First Look, The Wedding Party Photos, The Family Photos, The NewlyWed Photos, AND even exchanged their vows outdoors before the heavens opened up and the rain began! -- Talk about defying the odds! Everyone was tucked up in the Reception location Dry and Warm before it even sprinkled outside! -- I mean look at those happy faces!

Wedding Photography Yinzer Farm
Wedding Photographer Yinzer Farms

But it doesn't stop here! -– this wedding was an endless supply of thoughtfully created details! We are talking about an army of cookies at the cookie table, a pizza food truck to satisfy those late night cravings, and decorations that would make even Pinterest itself blush!! Morgan and Michael, you really hit this one out of the park –- pun totally intended!

Now, what really took the cake for me were the butterflies! I have taken photos with dogs, cats, and even the occasional squirrel during different sessions, but butterflies? -- That's a first!

Capturing the butterflies was a unique challenge that really got my creative juices flowing and produced some absolutely breathtaking photographs! I mean just take a look for yourself! I am so happy with how these pictures turned out and I am so grateful that Morgan and Michael put thought into this so that I could have the opportunity to try capturing something truly amazing!

Wedding Photographer Yinzer Farm

Amanda and I had an absolute blast with this amazing couple -- from the initial meeting at Frick Park to their Wedding Day -- everything was pure magic AND most importantly as always... fun all around! Michael and Morgan -- thank you for letting us be a part of your Love Story, complete with twists, turns, and the occasional weather warning it was one that Amanda and I will remember for years to come!

We hope that your lives are filled with Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After!

Edward Jacob

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