If Photography is an art -- then Robbie and Jaleigh are the masterpiece that EVERY Artist dreams of!! As a photographer -- I have had the privilege of witnessing countless Love Stories -- but none quite as amazing as the Dynamic Duo from Virginia -- Robbie and Jaleigh!!

From the FIRST shutter click of our Engagement Session to the LAST frame of their Wedding Day! -- the story of their love unfolded like a carefully scripted romance novel, sprinkled with stolen kisses, genuine laughter -- ((SUPER important to Amanda and I! ha!)), and the story line that will last a lifetime!

So grab your Virtual Front-Row Seat -- as we dive into this blog of the Virginian Dynamic Duo -- and their AMAZING Wedding Day at the picture perfect Woodhaven Bed and Breakfast!

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Ever since Amanda and I met Robbie and Jaleigh during their Engagement Session -- we were BOTH eagerly counting down the days to their Special Day! It's rare to meet a couple who radiate such positivity -- that just being around them -- makes anyone feel good!! They say anticipation is half the fun -- and every moment spent with these two just heightened the excitement for their Special Day!

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To Amanda and I Robbie and Jaleigh were more than just clients -- they are like friends that we have known forever!! -- I love that feeling when you just :click: with your Brides and Grooms -- it makes the Wedding Day less stressful and of course -- more FUN!!

Capturing Jaleigh and Leo's L-O-V-E was both a joy and such an honor to be a part of! The way that these two looked at each other is something that cannot be posed or reproduced -- it could only be possible through the genuine love that these two have for each other!! From the traditional moments to the unexpected bursts of laughter -- I feel that every frame told a story of a love that is as authentic as these two are!

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As I culled and edited the images after their Special Day -- I couldn't help but feel a sense of accomplishment... mixed with a tinge of difficulty!! Woahh... WAIT WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY??!!?? Difficulty you ask?? What was difficult was that picture... after picture... after picture.. seemed like a Bridal Magazine Cover-Worthy Photo!! The challenge from their Wedding Day was to select the pictures that would best showcase Robbie and Jaleigh's AMAZING day!! -- BUT!! this is a "problem" that I will take over and over again!! -- when it is just too difficult to choose between SO MANY AMAZING PICTURES!!

If there was a "problem" to have as a Photographer -- it's being overwhelmed by a ENDLESS amount of stunning shots!! -- I will take that problem any day!!

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As I think about their pictures and their Wedding Day back in July -- I cannot help but reflect on the wonderful journey that Robbie and Jaleigh allowed me to be a part of! To witness their love, to capture their unique bond, and -- most importantly to me -- to be able to freeze those precious moments in time is a privilege that words in this Blog cannot adequately express! I say this over and over again -- but there is nothing more fulfilling to me than having the pictures that Amanda and I take be the pictures that my Brides and Grooms will print, display in their homes, and images that become moments that they can look back on years from now and still remember how they felt -- and still feel!! -- about one another!

So here's to Robbie and Jaleigh -- the Dynamic Duo whose Love Story is now etched in images, waiting to be lifelong memories for generations to come! May your journey together be as vibrant and captivating as the frames we've captured, and may your love and positivity continue to inspire those around you!!

We hope that your lives are filled with Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After!

Eward Jacob

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