HELLO!!! I am so so so so soooooo very behind on Blogs!! -- Let me tell you Wedding Season is no joke! I am editing 24/7 it feels like -- and there have been times where I forget to eat... or even have a sip of that high quality H2O! ((Any Waterboy Fans out there?!))

BUT -- through the chaos... and fun!! I definitely had to pencil in a moment to talk about this amazing couple Lake and Sara!! Lake and Sara are such an incredible pair!! Amanda and I had so much fun at their Engagement Session at Sara's Family's Farm that we couldn't wait until their Big Day!!

So grab your cameras and strike a pose because we're diving into the AMAZING Wedding Day of Sara and Lake!! This day was filled to the brim with love, laughter, and a whole lot of picture-perfect moments!

the columns pa wedding photography
the columns altoona wedding photography

I have never had a Wedding at The Columns in Altoona -- but I sincerely hope and pray that I will have one there again soon!! The Columns in Altoona set the stage for Lake and Sara's beautiful Love Story to unfold!! The Venue's exterior AND interior provided me with multiple areas for amazing picture locations -- which had Amanda and I super pumped about all of the endless possibilities! I mean the Venue coupled with how awesome Lake and Sara were made the day run effortlessly and without a hitch!

But hold on to your lenses -- because the coolest part of the whole day happened at Lake and Sara's house even BEFORE the ceremony started!!

the columns altoona pa wedding photography

Picture this -- an entire bookcase filled to the brim with the images Amanda and I captured during Lake and Sara's Engagement Session!! Looking at the bookcase in person was both exciting and humbling at the same time!!

For me -- there is something truly special about seeing your work proudly displayed in other people's homes!! It's not just about the artistry, the composition, or the perfect lighting -- it's about the emotions and memories that those photographs evoke!!

Knowing that our couples love their photos enough to make them a part of their everyday lives warms my heart even more than words can express through this Blog!! The best part of Lake and Sara's Wedding Day for me -- was being able to walk through their house and see picture after picture that Amanda and I took from their Engagement Session!! There really is nothing better for me than seeing first hand the pictures printed and proudly displayed, photos that I am tagged in on Instagram, or I have even gotten text messages of pictures of my pictures in other peoples homes!! This is 1,000 percent the reason why I love doing what I do!!

the columns altoona, pa wedding photography
wedding photography the columns

When I take pictures -- for me -- they aren't just frozen moments in time, but they are windows into the past that allow us to relive those feelings of joy, excitement, -- and most importantly love!! I always tell my Brides and Grooms that even after more than a decade of marriage -- that's 10 years people sheeessshhh!! -- every morning I still look at Amanda and I's Wedding Day photos!! -- And let me tell you -- the emotions that I feel from those pictures are just as strong -- if not stronger -- than they were on that magical day!!

wedding photography the columns altoona
wedding photography the columns pa

So, to all the our EJP Couples out there -- THANK YOU!!! -- Thank you for letting Amanda and I be a part of your journey and for trusting us to capture these precious moments! As photographers -- we are not just snapping pictures -- we are trying our very best to preserve memories that we hope and pray will last a lifetime for all of our couples!! And that is a truly remarkable feeling!

Here's to Sara and Lake and to all the couples who are building their own beautiful stories, one snapshot at a time!

We hope that your lives are filled with love, the laughter, and the happily ever after!

Edward Jacob

wedding photography the columns altoona, pa
wedding photography columns altoona
wedding photography columns in altoona

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