As a photographer, I have the incredible opportunity to witness love stories unfold through my lens!! Recently -- I had the BEST TIME photographing the fun-loving and adventurous couple, Kayla and Avery!! -- But here's the twist that made this session an absolute blast—Avery brought his trusty truck along for the ride! To celebrate this unique addition -- I couldn't help myself from borrowing a line from the catchy country song by Kip Moore, "There is something 'bout a truck."

So buckle up, grab your cowboy hat, and join me on this fun-filled Engagement Session!

When Avery mentioned that he wanted to incorporate his truck in some of their Engagement pictures I was excited for the new and creative idea!! This Ford was all shined up, looking great, and the truck instantly became the star of the show!! I think that incorporating something important to you brings an extra layer to each picture!! Also, the truck in a way shows a part of the couple's shared love for adventure. the open road, and of course each other!! And boy, did we have a blast capturing their love within the chrome and tires!


Still playing off of the SAME lyrics from the Kip Moore country song, Kayla was wearing this BEAUTIFUL Red Dress!! I feel like the pictures below says enough about how beautiful Kayla looked and how great the rest of the session went with this awesome couple Avery and Kayla!

As a photographer -- my goal is to preserve each couple's love story -- and with Kayla and Avery -- that meant capturing their adventurous spirit alongside their love for each other .. and the truck!! Their Engagement Session was a wheel-y good time!! ((haha! See what I did there?? Edward's a photographer... and witty!... and talking about himself in the Third Person -- who knew you were signing up for this today when you decided to take a moment and read this!! ))

Kayla and Avery's session was a celebration of their unique personalities and the fun-loving connection they share!! This was such an exhilarating ride filled with Love, Laughter, and Truck-tastic adventures!! ((okay, okay... I'll stop!!.. maybe!)

With their four-wheeled companion, Amanda and I were so happy to help create memories that perfectly showcased their adventurous spirit and unwavering bond! We celebrated the unconventional and embraced the wild side of love -- which always produces a good time in my books!

It was such an honor to be a part of their journey and capture the sparks that flew between them!! Buckle up, keep chasing your dreams, and never forget the joy of love!! We cannot wait to help capture their Special Day AT THE WILLOW!! in June 2024!!

We hope that your lives are filled with Love, Laughter and Happily Ever After!!

Edward Jacob

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