60 Degrees in February??

When Kaitlyn contacted me about their Engagement Session -- We were both hoping for snow! NEVER in my wildest dreams did I expect to have 60 Degree Weather for their Engagement Session!! With that being said -- I know Amanda was pretty pumped -- she's an indoor kid and doesn't like to venture outside when it is cold! Snow -- or no snow in this case -- I think that this session went awesome!!

Kaitlyn, Brandon, Amanda, and I hit it off right away and it is always great when you can find thing -- after thing -- AFTER THING!! -- that you have in common!! In Fact -- Kaitlyn graduated from a school near mine out in the Pittsburgh Area -- What are the chances of that? We even knew some people in common! I love when you start talking with people and discover similarities and things you have in common that you would not have known!

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Sunbursts Galore!

I am a sucker for a good Sunburst and this session was giving me that good filtered light! I am always excited to try new locations out and there were endless places to take amazing photos of these two on their Soon-To-Be Forever Home Location!! I loved every bit of walking around their property AND -- Fingers Crossed -- this will be fun to return to for their Big Day when one of them can get ready in their New Home!! I love sharing new Milestones with my Clients!! Getting married is a huge Milestone in people's lives and I love being able to be even a small part in that Amazing Day -- but to see an empty plot of land turn into someone's forever home is going to be such a neat experience to witness!

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engagement pics

Such a great day! Such a great couple! Such a great Session full of laughs and love! We cannot wait to help capture more amazing memories of this Amazing Couple in May of 2024!

We hope that your lives together are filled with Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After!!

Edward Jacob


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