"It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!"

It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!! AND All I can say is -- what an awesome way to kick off the Christmas Season with these two love birds at the Baldauf Christmas Tree Farm!!

One Little Fun Fact About Me -- is that Christmas is my favorite holiday!! I LOVE Christmas! My favorite thing about Christmas is waking up with a fresh covering of snow and drinking a cup.... OR TWO... of coffee and watching the snow fall!! One Last Fun Fact About me and my wife, is that we are TERRIBLE with surprises.

Most of our Christmas gifts that are ordered early -- as soon as the package arrives we immediately give the gifts to each other!! In fact, it is currently December 1st and we both have given each other our gifts already! ... I guess there's always next year for surprises!!

baldauf tree farm engagement

"It's the Hap-Happiest Season of All"

Nothing makes me Happier than when I am able to laugh and joke with my Clients!! Mallory and James are EXTREMELY easy going and fun to be around!! I feel that my wife and I were laughing and joking the entire session!

And would you just look at these two? They were naturals in front of the camera! It makes me extremely happy when my Clients feel comfortable and able to naturally move through poses we have them try!

This Session started off with overcast conditions, which is not terrible for photography sessions. However, we got VERY lucky -- and near the end of our Session -- with this picture -- the sun decided to poke its head out and I was not going to let this awesome lighting go to waste!!

Check out these two!! I love this picture and how the sun creates a natural warmth to any picture!! I also can't get enough of the love you can feel from this picture between these two!!

baldauf christmas tree engagement
baldauf christmas tree farm

"And Hearts will be Glowing - When Loved Ones are Near"

My heart is full from this Engagement Session and I cannot wait for this Soon-To-Be Mr. & Mrs. Special Day!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and enjoys time with Friends and Family!