Amanda and I met Collin and Shayna this year at our Christmas Mini Session -- and let me tell you within those 10 minutes it seemed like we had been friends for years!! Even Miss Myla was having a great time during our session this past winter!!

So when Shayna contacted me about setting up a time for Spring pictures I was instantly excited to capture memories for these amazing people! I didn't think it could get better until Collin secretly contacted me about capturing his SURPRISE Engagement with Shayna during this session as well! -- Truth be told I could hardly contain my excitement at this point!! It was like putting in a quarter for a gumball machine and out pops two gumballs kind of good!

Family session = Fun Times, but when you add a SURPRISE Engagement Session in the middle -- I literally don't know how it could get any better!

Amanda and I could not wait to help this AMAZING couple capture memories that we hope they will cherish for a lifetime!! Needless to say, but Amanda and I absolutely love -- LOVE -- and we were super pumped for this opportunity!

SPOILER ALERT!!!! -- Collin planned one EPIC proposal! Let's dive into that next -- but first check out these sweet pictures of these 3!

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Let me first tell you -- Amanda and I are TERRIBLE at secrets!! Literally the WORST! I am laughing out loud as I type this, because it's that bad!

So when Collin reached out for me I thought for a moment, maybe I shouldn't tell Amanda about the proposal, but since I am terrible at secrets myself I obviously called her next to tell her!! I laughed so hard then, because I could hear her literally jumping for joy in the middle of the grocery store since she was so excited for Collin and Shayna! One thing that I love about my wife, is that she genuinely gets SO excited for others -- she gets happy for their successes, milestones, generally any excitement going on in other peoples lives -- she is all about it!! Amanda wants nothing more than those around her to be happy -- and I admire the heck out of her for that!

ALL OF THIS ASIDE -- Are you ready to hear how he proposed?? This Lucky Guy knew that he had the Perfect Girl so Collin planned the most epic proposal ever for Shayna!!

Collin wanted it to be in the middle of the Family Session so the cue was to have Shayna and Myla walk backwards then he would stop both of them and it is how you would say "game time!" Amanda knew the cue and she suggested I think 1 million times, "Sooo.... why don't we have Shayna and Myla walk back now?"..... 3 minutes later... "how about now?!"

I was laughing so hard inside, because I knew she was just beaming with excitement, but I did want to get all of the family pictures for Shayna too! When it was finally time, we took them to a path and when Collin got down on one knee he first made a promise to Shayna's daughter Myla and gave her the sweetest necklace. Shayna was speechless -- I was speechless -- Amanda had tears in her eyes snapping pictures!! It was such a beautiful moment and we felt so honored to be able to be a small part in their very special day!

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The statement above couldn't be more true -- especially for these two!! What I loved the most about this Surprise Engagement was the LOVE that you felt!! When I say this -- I don't just mean the love from this Soon-To-Be Mr. & Mrs. -- but more importantly from all three of them!!

There was so much unconditional love between Collin, Shayna, and Myla it echoed from the pictures and the excitement on everyone's faces. They are truly such an amazing couple!! Congratulations one more time to Collin and Shayna!!

May you be filled with a lifetime of Love, Laughter and Happily Ever After!!

Edward Jacob

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