Love, Laughter. ... and Sleep Deprivation!!

Hey there, Wedding Enthusiasts!!! Edward Jacob here and I wanted to make sure to block off some time during this crazy Wedding Season to talk about one of my favorite couples!! Reflecting back on this double Wedding Weekend -- waiiittt one minute... is this thing on?? Yes you heard it right a DOUBLE Wedding Wedding!!

BUT let me be the first to tell you -- this action packed weekend was a journey filled with love, laughter, ... andddd a little bit of sleep deprivation! HOWEVER, when you have TWO incredible couples like Leo and Jaleigh, followed by the Dynamic Duo Bobby and Kelsey!! -- the exhaustion and our sore feet seemed to fade into the background -- leaving only the magic of the moments captured through our lenses!!

DOUBLE the Weddings = DOUBLE the Joy –- that was the mantra for Amanda and I for this remarkable weekend!! Our Camera Bags were packed, our Batteries were charged -- Both figuratively AND literally!! -- and our excitement was sky-high as we started on this adventure!!

First up was the heartwarming Special Day of Leo and Jaleigh -– a celebration that I was able to Blog about last week -- AND a celebration that had enough dancing to put any Broadway show to shame!! THEN just when we thought our shutter fingers might need a little rest, the Wedding of Bobby and Kelsey rolled around the very next day! If there's one thing that rejuvenates you quicker than a double espresso -- it's working with a couple as genuinely wonderful as Bobby and Kelsey!! From the moment we met them during their Engagement Session, we knew their Wedding Day was going to be nothing short of spectacular!!

So grab your comfiest set of slippers and grab yourself a double shot of... ESPRESSO! -- silly!! And join me for a fun filled weekend with one of our Favorite Brides and Grooms Kelsey and Bobby!!

Sanaview Wedding photographer
Sanaview photography

The sun seemed to shine a little brighter on Kelsey and Bobby's Special Day!! -- offering Amanda and I the perfect lighting to capture every detail, every glance, and every stolen kiss!! -- But let's not forget the icing on the cake -- or should I say, the scoop on the ice cream? Yes, you read that right!!! A surprise Ice Cream truck made its appearance during the Reception -- turning the celebration into an even sweeter affair!! Who could resist a cone of happiness!! I sure couldn't!! -- and I am not going to name any names, but SOMEONE very close to me may have gotten seconds on that sweet treat!!

Champion pa wedding photography

Bobby and Kelsey's genuine kindness and infectious happiness made every click of our cameras feel like a breeze!! It's moments like these that remind Amanda and I why we chose to capture Love Stories through our lenses!! Their wedding was such an honor and blessing to be a part of and Amanda and I still talk about how fun their Special Day was!

Sure -- having TWO Weddings in ONE Weekend might sound a bit tiring even as I am reflecting and writing about it on this Blog -- BUT when you are sounded by TWO amazing couples -- it's like your energy gets a second wind!! Leo and Jaleigh's Big Day set the stage, and Bobby and Kelsey's Wedding sealed the deal!! Amanda and I were reminded once again why we LOVE being Wedding Photographers and capturing life's most Important Moments that become Lifelong Memories!

Champion pa wedding photographer
wedding photography champion pa

As we packed away our cameras -- the fatigue gave way to satisfaction, and our hearts were full of gratitude!! To Leo and Jaleigh, and to Bobby and Kelsey – thank you for letting us be a part of your remarkable Love Stories!! -- It's not just the snapshots we took that will last a lifetime -- but the memories that we will cherish in our hearts as well!

Here's to double the love, double the weddings, and double the joy!!

We hope that your lives are filled with Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After!

Edward Jacob

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