"It's not what's under the Christmas Tree that matters..."

What an AMAZING family!! This family was SO full of life and fun to be around!!

NOT TO MENTION the fact that it was absolutely FREEZING for the day of this session!! From the pictures you can't tell, because this family was so positive and upbeat that it made the whole session run smoothly!!

Their session was scheduled for the end of November and the night before there was at least an inch of snow! I was hoping the snow would last until their session -- but we made due with this wacky Western PA weather and were able to get some AMAZING pictures of an AWESOME family!

open field family session
open field couples session
open field anniversary session
open field engagement session

""It's not what is under the Christmas Tree that matters... It's Who's Around it."

With the Christmas Season upon us this quote couldn't be more relevant! I feel so grateful to be able to do what I love and capture amazing pictures of families and couples in our area!

Not to mention that this Family was super comfortable in front of the camera -- but that is not always the case. With some sessions, it takes a little bit of time before people warm up in front of the camera. And that is OKAY!! If you are thinking to yourself -- wait a minute -- that's ME!! DO NOT FEAR!! That is what I am here for!! I love making people feel more at ease and I try and play games with clients to help people to loosen up.

One game I play is called the Question Game! It's just a silly game where I ask my clients questions to get their minds off of being in front of the camera. Seems simple but it works!! Once your mind is not on this crazy person taking a picture you can get amazing picture just like these!! This is just one example of how we try and make photography FUN!! If you want to get outside and have fun -- Contact Me and schedule your session today!!!!!

large family session
large family pictures