5 Things You Need to Know Before Your Engagement Session

Are you feeling nervous for your upcoming Engagement Session?? Are you worried that you might look awkward in front of the camera?? Or that you are not a professional model?? GOOD NEWS -- you are NOT the only one!!

Amanda and I have created 5 Simple Things that you can do to help your Engagement Session run smoothly and to help ease your mind, which will allow you to sit back and enjoy this experience with your Groom-to-be (Bride-to-be)!

TIP #1: There is NOTHING you can do to mess this up!

I think -- just by telling yourself that it will help to ease A LOT of uncertainties going into your first Engagement Session!! LITERALLY there is nothing you can do wrong!

Your number one goal for the day of your Engagement Session should be to smile and love up on your Fiancé (Fiancée)!! Not too bad right?

Plain and Simple!! Tip #1 should be a breeze!! Smile and love my partner -- you got this!!

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TIP #2: It is a GREAT time for a Low Stress Session!!

Your Engagement Session is an AMAZING opportunity for us to all interact BEFORE your BIG DAY!!

The great thing about an Engagement Session is that there is no pressure of timelines -- AND -- there are only two sets of eyes on you -- your amazing partner's.... and your photographer's!!

Amanda and I love being able to meet our Brides and Grooms before their big day during their Engagement Sessions!! We love to interact with them in a low stress situation!! This is a great time to demonstrate poses that we will be incorporating on their Big Day, which helps our Brides and Grooms feel mores comfortable and confident about each pose!!

Not only is it low stress opportunity to meet, but we love being able to laugh and joke with our couples so that they can get to know us more and we can learn things about them! Our favorite Engagement Sessions are when we are able to talk and laugh with our couples for the entire session!!

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TIP #3: You DO NOT Need to Know How to Pose!

This is what I am here for!! Your Engagement Session is a great time to experiment and see what looks best for you and your loved one! Do you want to try something adventurous like a dip or a piggy back ride? Are you looking for deep soulful pictures, fun loving pictures, or do you want a combination of both!! -- Why not right? By having an Engagement Session we are able to try out a bunch of different things and see what works best for you and your best friend!!

Still worried about posing?? Check out my other blog where I talk about 1 pose that produces 5 amazing looks in under 1 minute!!

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TIP #4: Coordinate Your Outfits -- Don't Match

Anyone growing up in the 90s like Amanda and I probably have a FEW pictures where you and your E-N-T-I-R-E family is all in a polo shirt and khakis!! Can anyone relate?? While matching is all in good it is time to step out of the generation where everything is matchy-matchy and more into the time of coordinating our outfits instead!!

3 Main things to consider when picking out your outfits!

  • Pick Earth Tone Colors
  • Pick Complimentary Colors
  • If someone is wearing a pattern -- have your partner wear a solid!
  • Most importantly -- wear something comfortable and something that represents YOU!!

There are several other things I could include when it comes to outfits!! If there is enough interest I could write another blog solely focused on Engagement Session outfits choices!! Let me know if you would like to learn more!!

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TIP #5: Show off that New Ring with a Manicure!

Not only is a manicure relaxing and something you deserve -- BUT -- it is definitely a bonus if you think about getting your nails done before your upcoming Engagement Session!!

The main goal of any Engagement Session is to capture that ring and how shiny and new it is!! We really want to show off what a GREAT JOB your partner did picking out that life-long bling you have!!

Indulge yourself and get a manicure so that your nails will look just as B-E-A-U-tiful as you do on your Session day!

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There is nothing more in the world that Amanda and I love more than helping couples capture beautiful moments that will last a life time -- just like these!!

We feel so fortunate that we have been able to work with some truly AMAZING couples!! The bonus tip -- and in our opinion the most important tip -- from this whole blog is to be authentically you and to have fun!! Kick your shoes off and enjoy this next chapter for your lives together as a Soon-to-Be Married Couple!! You got this!!

I hope that these tips were able to help you!! We want you to know that when you book with us -- you are in good hands with us and that we cannot wait to meet you on your Engagement Session Day!! We hope to help you and your partner create memories that you both will look back on 5... 10... 50!! years from now and remember not only how much you were in love then, but how much you are still in love!!

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Are you recently Engaged and looking to set up your Engagement Session?? Contact me for availability and schedule one today!