1 McAneny, 2 McAnenys, 3 McAnenys, 4! -- 5 McAnenys, 6 McAnenys, 7 McAnenys, MORE!

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to be swept off your feet and into the enchanting world of TJ and Rachel's Awesome, Spectacular, Incredible --- and every other positive adjective that I could possibly think of!! -- Wedding Day at the one and only Bedford Springs!!

Now -- you have probably heard a lot of hype about Bedford Springs -- but let me set the record straight – EVERYTHING people say about Bedford Springs is not only true -- but even more breathtaking and remarkable than words or pictures can even begin to convey!! -- Bedford Springs is definitely all of that and a bag of chips -- if you're a 90s kid like me.. then you'll remember that!

I mean -- just take a peek for yourself! ((Needless to mention that by having these two absolute stunners -- TJ and Rachel -- as our models did not hurt one bit either when capturing these amazing photos!))

So Grab your ---

Bedford Springs, PA Wedding Photographer
Bedford Springs PA Wedding Photographer

Let me side track for just one minute and try my best to explain the excitement levels that Amanda I had for this Wedding Day -- to say that we were over the moon for TJ and Rachel's Special Day is almost and understatement! We were BEYOND excited to help capture moments and memories for this Amazing Couple's Big Day!!

Amanda and I go way back with one of TJ's brothers -- Matt!! -- and because of this we have been fortunate enough to capture countless family moments with the ENTIRE McAneny Crew and other smaller Family Sessions with Molly and Katie's Families!! ((Quick shoutout to Molly and Katie also since you're on my mind –- you guys were a such HUGE help on TJ and Rachel's Big Day! -- and we can't thank you enough!! ))

ALSO -- let me sidebar again for just a moment.. I know I am the worst! –- because I have to mention something about the ENTIRE McAneny Clan -- which may be larger than my fingers and toes can count -- but believe me when I say, every single member of this family is the definition of helpful, kind, generous, and every other positive adjective a person can think of!! If you have ever met a McAneny I am sure that you could say the same! It is such a great family that Rachel now gets to be a part of! I know for a fact If the McAneny's are ever looking to adopt a middle aged extra set of children -- I know Amanda and I would be willing to sign up for that list!

Wedding photography Bedford Springs
Wedding photographer Bedford Springs

Now that I went off on a quick tangent -- let's get back to the epic tale of TJ and Rachel's Big Day!! –- as I mentioned Amanda and I could hardly contain our excitement because we knew it was going to be nothing short of legendary!! And let me be the first to tell you -- it was!

Perfect Weather, the Perfect Venue, Perfect Families (shoutout to the Pregels -– Rachel's Mom went above and beyond to make this day Special for her daughter -- don't think I forgot about you! you rock!) AND -- of course -- the Perfect Couple all came together to create a Wedding Day that will be talked about for generations!

Wedding Bedford Springs

But let me tell you -- the biggest challenge of this remarkable Wedding Day hit me like a whirlwind after I got home -– I had "Too many Amazing Photos to edit!!"

Yes, you heard that right!! When you're surrounded by so much LOVE, breathtaking scenery, and a couple as captivating as TJ and Rachel -- the camera itself had a mind of its own and it just couldn't stop clicking!! Sorting through the seemly endless supply of incredible shots -- was like trying to choose your favorite star in the night sky!! It was an amazing challenge, to say the least! -- Yet, it's a challenge I gladly accept!! It is such a continued joy for me that I know that every image I edit is a piece of TJ and Rachel's Love Story that Amanda and I sincerely hope will be cherished for a lifetime!! It's a wonderful "problem" to have!

Wedding photography Bedford Springs pa
Wedding photography Bedford Springs, pa
Wedding photographer Bedford Springs pa

TJ and Rachel -- you are a photographer's dream come true!! Not only did Amanda and I have a blast sharing in your joy and laughter on your Special Day -- but we also hope that these photos we've captured will be cherished for generations to come!! Here's to an epic Love Story, picture-perfect moments, and the McAneny and Pregel families who made it all unforgettable!

We hope that your lives are filled with Love, Laughter, and HAppily Ever After!

Edward Jacob

Wedding photographer Bedford Springs, pa
Wedding photographer Bedford Springs
Bedford Springs Wedding photos
Bedford Springs pa Wedding photos
Bedford Springs, pa Wedding photos
Bedford Springs Wedding photo
Bedford Springs pa Wedding photo
Bedford Springs Wedding
Wedding Bedford Springs
Bedford Springs pa Wedding


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Bedford Springs, pa Wedding

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