You knew it was coming!! -- and let's be honest.. probably anyone who talks to Amanda and I for the next month (okay... you're right -- maybe even the next year!!) will hear about our adventure to the Land of Fire and Ice! Almost two weeks in a Camper Van traveling for the past 12 days have truly been an experience of a lifetime!!

This might go without saying -- Iceland is one of the most BEAUTIFUL countries that I have ever been able to experience!! From the nearly 10,000 Waterfalls to the Black Sand Beaches, from the Glaciers to the Volcanoes, and from the Puffins to the Reindeer!! -- really, the list could go on and on of all the amazing things to see, witness, and do in Iceland!! It has been a photographer's dream to be able to travel and take pictures of some of the World's Most Unique landscapes!! -- But on this trip especially, I realized it was even more important to take a moment away from the lens and truly appreciate our world's most spectacular views!

When we got our Passports Stamped in Keflavik International Airport, the Customs Officer said to Amanda and I "Have fun and Go Wild". We didn't know exactly what he meant by that, but boy did we find out!! -- So Buckle up, grab your rain jacket, and come with me for a small glimpse of this wild and amazing country!!

Iceland Custom Prints Photography
Iceland Custom Prints
iceland Custom Prints Photography

Iceland's DRASTICALLY different and breathtaking landscapes provide a visual treat for anyone who visits!! The country's name itself suggests the contrasting elements that shape its raw beauty -- The Land of Fire and Ice!! The closeness of the very active volcanoes -- ((in fact one is erupting right now as I finish up typing this blog!! -- AND we flew out the day before it erupted!! ... More about this later in the Blog!)) -- coupled with the vast glaciers creates a landscape like no other!! It is really as if nature is in an ongoing battle, showcasing the raw power and stunning beauty that can emerge from such a clash of Fire and Ice!!

Waterfalls seemed to lurk around every corner that Amanda and I drove -- in fact I remember telling Amanda that I was "Waterfall-ed out!" -- ...Waterfall-ed out!!??... You Serious Clark?! Waterfalls in Iceland are breathtakingly beautiful varying in both size and complexity, but being that there are over 10,000 of these -- MAYBE.. you could somewhat understand why I was "Waterfall-ed out" at the end of our trip!!

Whether it's the powerful Skógafoss, the picturesque Hengifoss with its red thin layers of clay, or the popular and beautiful Seljalandsfoss with the hidden gem of Gljúfrafoss tucked back behind the cliffs!! -- each waterfall possesses its own unique charm -- leaving Myself, Amanda, and other travelers in complete awe!! I really felt like my jaw was continually in a fixed "AWE" position -- with my jawline touching the ground the entire trip!! I mean -- Iceland's waterfalls and landscapes were truly that spectacular!!

iceland custom Prints Photography
iceland custom prints Photography
iceland custom prints photography

Iceland's black sand beaches provide a striking contrast against the roaring waves of the Ocean!! Reynisfjara -- and is one of the most famous of these beaches!! Reynisfjara was a really neat experience with its HUGE basalt columns, dramatic cliffs, and powerful waves crashing onto the shore! We even saw a couple of Puffins when we reached the shoreline!! Amanda thinks they look like a Toucan, I think that they look like a Penguin -- therefore we decided if they had a baby -- that would be the best way to describe a Puffin! ... 10 years of marriage -- compromise at its finest here ladies and gentlemen!!

You can't talk about Iceland without talking about Iceland's glaciers!! The glaciers were a true testament to the icy wonders that Mother Nature creates! Vatnajökull -- was one of the glaciers that we were able to visit and it is actually one of Europe's largest glacier!! -- it stretches over 8,000 square kilometers!! (Look at me with discussing measurements in Metric! Driving and having all of the distances calculated using the Metric System wasn't something that I had initially thought about when planning our trip and driving around in a Camper Van -- BUT it was a unique experience using Google Maps and all of the directions were in Metric!!)

Amanda and I were able to visit the Glacier Lagoon AND Diamond Beach all by ourselves!! When the sun only sets for an hour or two during the Summers in Iceland, we were out adventuring by ourselves at 3:00 AM one day!! -- when we arrived at The Glacier Lagoon and Diamond Beach that same day -- we thought sleep could wait and we could enjoy this amazing view for ourselves!! It was probably one of the highlights of our trip and such a awesome thing to be able to experience with only the two of us!! With as many pictures that I took at The Lagoon and Diamond Beach -- I really made sure to soak everything in and be in the moment during this wild experience!!

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The volcanoes of Iceland tell a different story, reminding us of the country's explosive geology!! There has been ongoing activity in the Reykjanes Peninsula with eruptions in 2021... 2022... AND there were several warnings while we were in Iceland that a volcano could erupt any hour... or day!! While the volcano did not erupt while we were visiting -- there were several earth quakes the last 5 days while we were there -- over 7,000 to be exact!! Litli-Hrútur actually erupted the day after we left -- it would have been such a neat experience, but Iceland DEFINITELY gave us millions other memories that we will keep in our memories and hearts for years to come!!

It is such a humbling experience witnessing highlights of the ever-changing nature of our planet and seeing for ourselves the moss covered lava fields! What a wild and beautiful world that we live in!

As a photographer -- my focus is often on capturing the beauty around me -- especially for my AMAZING Brides and Grooms Special Days!! -- However, during my time in Iceland, I learned the importance of putting down the camera and simply soaking in the wonders of this extraordinary land! Whether it was standing in awe as a mighty waterfall crashing down right in front of me or witnessing the breathtaking colors of a sunset painting the sky -- ...even at 3 AM!! -- these moments were reminders to appreciate the world's most unique and beautiful areas firsthand -- not behind the lens!

Iceland is undeniably a Photographer's Dream and a Nature Lover's Paradise!! Its unique landscapes -- from the waterfalls to the black sand beaches, the glaciers to the volcanoes, create images that will forever be etched in our memories!!

Beyond the lens, Iceland offers an opportunity to disconnect, to immerse yourself in the raw power and beauty of nature, and to gain a new appreciation for the wonders that our planet holds!! ALSO I didn't even BEGIN to mention the friends that we made along the way!! There is nothing that Amanda and I love more than Adventures and New Friendships!! We met not one, but TWO sets of couples who had JUST gotten engaged from Virginia and New Hampshire!!, couples and families from Oregon and Iowa! -- as well as MANY travelers from the Switzerland (hey Alex and Cami!), Netherlands, Germany, France, and so many other countries!! -- The human connections that we made along the way were just as impactful as the beautiful country that we were experiencing!

I will leave you with this -- if you ever find yourself with the chance to visit Iceland -- the Land of Fire and Ice -- embrace it wholeheartedly!! -- and let Iceland's wild beauty leave a mark on your soul like it did for us!!

We hope that your life is filled with Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After!

Edward Jacob

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