Prepare to be whisked away into what I thought to be nothing less than a Photographer's Fairy Tale!! Let me take a moment to talk about this AMAZING Engagement Session with the GREAT couple -- Russell and Sydney!! When Sydney suggested to have their Engagement Session at Russell's family farm I was extremely excited!! And let me tell you -- this piece of Paradise was nothing less than magical! With its charming silo and a touch of whimsy in the form of the "Princess Dip" pose, this session was truly a dream come true!!

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The picture above is a pose that Amanda and I have been dying to try out!! -- With Russell and Sydney + the good vibes we were feeling + and atmosphere of this beautiful farm = we knew that today was the day we were going to give this pose a try!! We have dubbed this pose as the "Princess Dip" pose. What I like about this pose is that Russell -- the ever-chivalrous gentleman -- is doing a spin off of the carrying over the threshold tradition -- with a little extra dip!! This Groom-to-be made the pose look so effortless and produced such a breath taking picture!!

Behind every great pose lies a touch of silliness and spontaneity. Amanda and I have a secret tradition -- and to be honest an endless list of inside jokes, narrations of our dogs every thought AND emotion -- mind you in a specifically curated voice that matches their personality!!! ...WOW!! that was a long list of extra pieces of information about Amanda and I, but can anyone else relate to narrating their dogs thoughts?! Does anyone else out there do this too? Or are we just crazy dog people? haha!-- BUT BACK ON TOPIC, we like to give each pose a nickname so that we: 1. are on the same page, 2. so we don't forget the really good poses that we love, and 3. some of our nicknames always make us laugh -- and we love to laugh, but who doesn't right?!

The "Princess Dip" easily joined the ranks of our FAVORITE poses, reminding us of the joy and playfulness that accompanies capturing love through the lens!

FUN FACT: One of our favorite poses is actually nicknamed after one of our favorite Brides and Grooms!! -- Which makes me think... maybe I will have to talk to Amanda about changing the name to "The Sydney and Russell" instead of "Princess Dip!" -- we will have to see what the boss says!

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Last -- but certainly not least, we spotted a glimpse of these bad boys when we first stepped foot on the property! Our eyes were immediately drawn to the awe-inspiring silos that stood tall beside the barn building. Their weathered exterior added a rustic charm -- AND if you know Amanda and I -- we LOVE that kind of stuff! "The Rustier the Better" in Amanda's opinion -- and I would have to agree!! These towering structures became an AMAZING backdrop!!

Photographing Russell and Sydney's Engagement Session at the family's farm was truly like stepping into a Fairy Tale! The mesmerizing silos and the whimsical "Princess Dip" pose added a touch of magic to an already remarkable location ...AND need I say COUPLE! This session will forever be etched in our hearts, reminding us that love stories are meant to be celebrated and captured in all of its whimsical glory!! We cannot wait to celebrate and capture Russell and Sydney's Special Day August of Next Year!

We hope that your lives are filled with Love, Laughter and Happily Ever After!!

Edward Jacob

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