It's Like Rain on your Wedding Day

As a wedding photographer -- I never wanted the title of my Wedding Blog Post to be the infamous Alanis Morissette Ironic Song! -- But here we are! -- and here I go blogging again, because it's Wedding Season Guys and Gals! Yeah Baby Yeah! (In my best Austin Powers Voice)

On Wedding Days -- there are a lot of moving parts in order to make One Epic Day -- and no matter how much planning and preparation goes into a wedding day, there can always be unexpected challenges that might arise!! To help limit those unexpected challenges, I always make sure to be as detailed as possible and supply ALL of my Brides and Grooms with a custom designed timeline to help things run smoothly!! -- However, weather is something that you cannot plan for -- and unfortunately -- weather is usually that top obstacle that needs to be overcome on any Special Day!

The week leading up to Shane and Jenna's Wedding -- let me tell you -- the weather forecast was not on our side! It was predicted to rain all day on their Wedding Day. I will admit I found myself checking the weather forecast a couple of times... every minute... -- I mean I should be completely transparent I checked that weather forecast at least 3,000 times that week! -- If I got paid a $1 for every time I checked the weather -- I would have made a fortune leading up to their Wedding Day!

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They say that Rain on a Wedding Day is Good Luck -- but as a Wedding Photographer, weather can be one of the biggest challenges to overcome on a Wedding Day!

Despite the forecasted rain, I arrived on Shane and Jenna's Wedding Day with a positive attitude and was determined to capture the best possible shots regardless of the weather!! -- and you know what else? Both Shane and Jenna had the same attitude! These two Love Birds were just as excited as I was for the day and we all knew that regardless of what the weather had in store -- the true reason of a Wedding is to make a commitment to one another and share the love between them with all of their nearest and dearest friends and family!! -- In fact, I am SURE that anyone who attended their Wedding could feel the love between them with how they interacted with one another! The best way I can explain this couple is that Jenna and Shane are simply the BEST! Have you ever met someone before and had so many commonalities that conversation just flowed naturally and you're thinking to yourself --- "are you sure we haven't been friends my whole life?" -- because on the way home from their Engagement Session AND Wedding that's all Amanda and I could say about these two!

I feel like this whole Blog might be me complaining about weather and rain -- but do you want to know what actually happened that day?? -- was right -- It did rain -- tear -- in the morning and during the ceremony -- BUT -- as soon as their Ceremony ended, something amazing happened -- the sun broke through the clouds, and the sky turned a beautiful shade of blue! It was a such a joyous moment -- there was this newly hitched couple -- walking down the church steps with bubbles in the air and their closest family and friends cheering them on!! I was so happy that I was able to capture some of the most stunning shots of the day. It was a moment that I hope Shane and Jenna will cherish forever! -- I mean -- look how happy these two look in the pictures below!

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bubble wedding exit

Throughout the day -- Shane and Jenna's positive attitudes and willingness to embrace whatever the day brought them -- helped me to stay focused and optimistic. I'm truly grateful that they chose me to be their Wedding Photographer, and it was an incredible experience to capture their Special Day! Despite the weather challenges -- their Wedding Day was unforgettable and a great way to start off wedding season!!

I must admit Amanda does a great job at this -- I would consider myself a more realistic person, but I am making efforts to try to be more of a person that has a "Glass Half Full" Mentality. It's important to remain positive and adaptable when things don't go according to plan! Shane and Jenna's Wedding Day was a reminder that anything can happen on a Wedding Day -- but with a positive attitude -- it's possible to capture stunning and memorable shots regardless of the weather!! I am grateful for the opportunity to have captured their Special Day and look forward to the challenges AND most importantly the joys that come with future weddings! I have a feeling that this 2023 Wedding Season is going to be the best yet!

Jenna and Shane -- we hope that your lives together are filled with Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After!!

Edward Jacob

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