RAIN can't dampen LOVE!

Hello Everyone! I am SO excited to be able to FINALLY blog about the Special Day of Ryan and Annita!! Their Wedding Day was one that defied the odds -- laughs in the face of danger... or should I say weather forecasts -- and proves that LOVE shines brightest even on the cloudiest of days!! I am here to spill the tea -- (or should I say raindrops?) -- about the remarkable Wedding of Annita and Ryan – a couple who truly knows how to turn rain into a reason to smile!!

So Grab your Rain Jackets, Overalls, and Umbrellas and join me on a very Special Adventure as I take a minute to talk about the Big Day of -- such a fun loving and go with the flow couple -- Ryan and Annita!!

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The dreaded "R-word" -- RAIN!

A word that sends shivers down the spine of any Bride, Groom, AND ME! -- The Wedding Photographer!

As much as I would like for ALL of my Brides and Grooms to have the picture perfect weather for their Big Day -- that is not necessarily the case! What I would REALLY like to do is send an important message to Mother Nature and tell her that it cannot Rain on Saturdays during Wedding Season! Monday through Thursday, rain all you want -- BUT Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are for Weddings and if I had a choice it wouldn't rain!! Unfortunately I cannot do that... -- AND -- Mother Nature truly has a mind of her own and has other plans sometimes!

With the Ceremony only a couple of minutes away -- the Universe seemed to conspire against us -- orchestrating a downpour literally MOMENTS before the Wedding Ceremony was about to begin!!

But hold on to your Umbrellas, because Annita and Ryan themselves were about to change the narrative to this story!

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somerset, pa wedding photographer
Wedding Photographer Somerset Pa
Wedding Photographer Somerset,Pa

The weather team had it right this time -- and MOMENTS before the ceremony -- rain decided to join the party!! This was one uninvited guest that I wish didn't arrive -- but here we are!!

BUT KEEP READING FRIENDS!! -- because this is where the story takes a Heartwarming Turn -- Annita and Ryan -- the ULTIMATE go-with-the-flow couple -- did not let a little water droplets steal their thunder!! -- INSTEAD Annita and her father walked down the aisle with HUGE grins on their faces and Ryan waited at the altar with a smile ear to ear!!

Rain could easily ruin a Special Day for anyone -- but Ryan and Annita did not let it phase them one bit!! Their Wedding Day was truly a testament to the LOVE that they share between them!! Ryan and Annita embraced this hiccup and were more focused and committed to the love that they share between them! Instead of frowns on their Special Day, they sported ear-to-ear smiles!

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Wedding Photography Somerset, Pa

I want to take just one moment to be completely honest about how this Big Day made me feel -- what truly left me awestruck from the whole day was the positivity that radiated from this couple! There was NOT one time that Ryan or Annita complained or were upset about the rain! Instead laughter, joy, and love filled the air on their Special Day! -- Rain may fall, but it can't dampen their spirits!! If you don't believe me -- take a look for yourself!!

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In a world where some might let a sprinkle become a downpour on their parade, Annita and Ryan reminded us all that a little rain can't wash away the significance of this Special Day! Ryan and Annita danced, they laughed, and they shared their vows surrounded by the people who mattered most. This day was a testament to their unwavering commitment -- come rain or shine!

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So, here's to Annita and Ryan -– a couple who taught Amanda and I that love is a force of nature that no weather forecast can predict! As photographers, we witness countless love stories, but theirs will forever hold a special place in our hearts as a shining example of embracing the unexpected! May your journey together be filled with sunny days, starry nights, and a love that's as unshakeable as your smiles on that rainy wedding day!

We hope that your lives are filled with Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After!

Edward Jacob

Wedding Photographer Somerset county
wedding photography somerset county pa

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