As a photographer -- there are those rare moments when everything aligns perfectly!! -- and The Wedding of Philip and Cortney -- was one of those times!! From the start -- it was clear that this laid-back and easygoing couple was going to make my job an absolute breeze!! In fact -- I remember during our "Week of the Wedding Phone Call" with Cortney and Amanda saying, "Wow! I love talking with you! Your voice is so relaxing and calming!!" -- We all laughed -- but from that moment I knew that their Big Day was going to be great!

Philip and Cortney's Love Story -- unfolded beautifully against the stunning backdrop of Woodhaven Bed and Breakfast! Throughout Philip and Cortney's Special Day it was nothing less than tranquility and genuine happiness all day long!! As an outsider looking in -- it was clear to me that their connection was something truly remarkable!! Weekend after weekend it still humbles me that it is such an honor to be trusted with the task of preserving these moments for all of my Brides and Grooms forever!! As my lens captured their every smile, stolen glance, and tender embrace -- I couldn't help but feel a surge of excitement!

So grab your favorite cup of coffee, settle into a cozy spot, and join me as we journey through the Love Story of Philip and Cortney -- a couple whose laid-back charm and picture-perfect Wedding Day at Woodhaven Bed and Breakfast will surely warm your heart!!

Woodhaven Wedding
Woodhaven bb Wedding photography

Woodhaven Bed and Breakfast provided the perfect canvas for this Love Story to unfold!! The venue's charm and endless possibilities of places to take amazing photographs created an atmosphere that perfectly complemented the couple's vibe! From the Bed and Breakfast building itself to the Colvin Covered Bridge, every area at Woodhaven seemed to radiate magical moments and perfect picture locations!

Beyond the scenery -- the hospitality of the venue owners added that extra layer of warmth to this couple's Special Day! It's these small touches that truly make a difference in the overall experience -- not only for the couple -- but for everyone involved! The support and care provided by the owners of Woodhaven created an environment where I was able to be really creative, spontaneous, and of course .. have a lot of fun!

Woodhaven bb Wedding

In the end -- capturing Philip and Cortney's wedding was not just a job for me -- but a privilege! I feel this way about ALL of my Weddings -- it is such a joy of mine to be able to capture moments that ALL of my couples are able to save, print, share, and look back on years from now and not only see -- but feel the love that they shared years ago!!

To be honest -- Amanda has a bunch of our Wedding pictures printed and in frames on our dressing table and I look at those pictures every morning and its remarkable to me the JOY and LOVE that I can feel through those pictures -- that I still feel today -- 10 years and counting later!! 10 years!!??!!?? Sheeesh we are getting old! -- but the aches in my joints and knees are for another day -- and another blog! haha!

Woodhaven Bed and Breakfast Wedding photography
Woodhaven Bed and Breakfast Wedding

So let's grab those Coffee mugs and raise a toast to Philip and Cortney! -- thank you for allowing me to be a part of your incredible journey! Your Big Day was a testament to the beauty of love -- and I am beyond grateful to have been there to witness and capture its magic!! As I look through the images from that day, I am reminded once again of the power of love and the art of storytelling through the lens!

We hope that your lives are filled with Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After!

Edward Jacob

Woodhaven Bed & Breakfast Wedding photography
Woodhaven Bed & Breakfast Wedding
Woodhaven photography

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