"If you Ain't Crocin', You Ain't Walkin' -- Or Even Rockin' --"

WELCOME TO YET ANOTHER EXCITING FAMILY SESSION!!! Today -- I have the pleasure of sharing some of the unforgettable moments I was able to capture with Kevin, Allison, and their adorable daughters Madison and Mackenzie!!

Prepare to go on a journey where the famous saying "If you ain't Croc'n, you ain't Walkin'" takes center stage!! When I first heard their littlest daughter say this.. I initially thought she said "If you ain't Croc'n, you ain't Rockin'" -- But either way Amanda and I about died of laughter, and that's basically how this whole session went with this AMAZING family of 4!!

Whether we were wearing our Crocs and walkin' through this Session -- we definitely were Rockin' and having an AWESOME time! So, slip into your comfiest Crocs and let's dive into this heartwarming adventure with the best family in all of Johnstown!

Johnstown Family Photography
Johnstown PA Family Photographer

Who would have thought that Crocs -- the footwear sensation -- would become the laughter and inspiration for this blog from this family session? Mackenzie -- the young trendsetter of the family -- proudly coined the phrase "If you ain't Crocin', you ain't Walkin'." -- With their stylish and comfy footwear, this family had a unique and playful vibe that added an extra touch of personality to our Family Session!!

Kevin and Allison are not only loving parents -- you can clearly see this in every frame I took with how they look at the girls and how their daughters look at them!!-- BUT Kevin and Ashley are also Masters of Fun!! -- AND THAT'S WHAT WE LIKE!!-- Their infectious laughter and genuine affection for each other and their daughters created an atmosphere that was a joy to capture!! I feel that EVERY picture that I took of this family was overflowing with warmth, LOVE, and a sprinkle of laughter and humor!!

I mean -- take a look for yourself!! It is obvious the love that is between all four of them!

Johnstown PA Family Photography
Family Photographer Johnstown

As a photographer -- I strive to capture the essence of each family's unique dynamics -- and Kevin, Allison, with their daughters Madison and Mackenzie's Family Session was no exception!! The love and playfulness that they shared was present in every image! From candid giggles to tender moments, the magic of their Crocin' adventure quickly unfolded before Amanda and I!

In the world of Photography -- it's the unexpected moments that make each session truly memorable! One thing I always try to think about is to remember to welcome the uniqueness of your own family and find joy in the little things that make you who you are!! Whether it's through Crocs or any other shared quirk -- let your true personalities take center stage!! After all -- life is much more colorful and fun when you're "Crocin' and Walkin'" together!!

We hope that your lives are filled with Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After!

Edward Jacob

Family Photography Johnstown
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