"Lions, Tigers, and Highland Cattle -- OH MY!"

Never have I ever been this close to Highland Cattle! I grew up around farm animals, but this was such an exciting adventure that I was able to go on with my wife -- and the Dorthy Quote is EXACTLY what I think my wife was feeling when we approached these BEAUTIFUL animals!! My wife grew up around dogs and cats, but that's where this city slicker ends with her exposure to animals! I extremely proud of her for stepping out of her comfort zone and trying something new!

HUGE THANK YOU to Circle 219 Farm for their hospitality and welcoming us to their farm in order to capture these amazing photographs!!

highland cow
pa farm

"Toto, I've a feeling that we're not in Kansas anymore"

The farm itself could NOT have been more perfect for capturing amazing photos. I think this picture speaks for itself. #dreams!

Also, we were extremely lucky, because the conditions for this session could not have been better! We arrived during golden hour to Circle 219 and had the best backdrop and weather possible for these amazing photos! I like the fact that it was humid and there were flies around the animals. With my 70-200mm lens I was able to capture some really detailed photos!

Also, we were able to use the falling sunset to produce back lit photos like the two images above! The upper left image is of Lucy, the farm's oldest female -- who quickly became BFFs with Amanda!

highland cattle
Highland cattle

"It's not where you go -- it's who you meet along the way"

This quote could not be more true!! Aside from being able to capture life's experiences as forever keepsakes not only for myself, but also for my Clients. What I LOVE about photography are the people that I am able to meet along the way!

Through the world of photography I have been fortunate enough to meet so many people, share in their joys and celebrations, and have those positive interactions!!

I LOVE love and enjoy being able to share so many of my weekends with brides and grooms, couples, families, and so many more! There are so many wonderful people that I have been able to meet along the way!

Check back to our blog for our next adventure and contact us for your next session to help capture important milestones in your life!

highland cattle