I was not expecting nearly 60 Degree weather for this Engagement Session -- BUT -- I definitely WILL NOT object!! I also will not pass up this AWESOME sunset during Golden Hour!!

I had SO much fun being able to capture this Soon-To-Be Mr. & Mrs. Engagement Session!! Kaycee and Joe are such a sweet couple! I loved that they were willing to try new things which led to these awesome photographs! Engagement Sessions are a great way to meet the Bride and Groom and every Engagement Session I do just makes me even more excited for their Special Day!! I am definitely looking forward to Kaycee and Joe's Special Day in September!

quemahoning couple
quemahoning couples


What is Golden Hour you ask? Golden Hour is the first hour after sunrise and the last hour of light before sunset that produces a warm natural light. IF POSSIBLE, I make my best effort to shoot during Golden Hour. Sometimes, due to scheduling conflicts, weather conditions, etc., this is not always the case. HOWEVER, shooting during this time frame is something I try to do!!

ALSO, would you check out those lens flares in these pictures!! There is nothing I love more than a good Lens Flare in pictures!! I L-O-V-E Lens Flares!!


Nothing is better than capturing a genuine moment between to people! Just another reason why I love what I do!! What I love about this picture is it is the small moments after I play the "Question Game" with my Clients. I mentioned in my previous blog post that my wife and I will play the "Question Game" with our Clients to get their minds off of taking pictures to capture those natural reactions.

The reason we use these games -- is not only to get people's minds off taking pictures, but the reactions that occur 10-30 seconds AFTER the Question is asked an answered.

Waiting is the most important part on my end for the games that we play, because I can capture true emotions just like this!

PLUS who doesn't love laughing with your Best Friend? Plain and simple -- my wife is my Best Friend. We have been together for over 11 years and married for 8! Within those years, we have shared thousands of laughs and jokes!! MOST of the time, the jokes that we have are usually ones that only we find funny!!

Do you want to share in the fun? Contact me today to set up for Next Session!

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