Love Birds at a Saw Mill!

Being a Wedding Photographer it is all about capturing the LOVE and JOY shared between couples! It's such a rewarding experience that day in and day out I am constantly surrounding myself with AMAZING people and couples just like Angie and Jamison!!

Angie and Jamison are such an extraordinarily KIND and simply put -- a FUN couple to be around!! -- I'm sure by now you know how important it is for Amanda and I to have fun!!

Believe it or not even Angie and Jamison had initially expressed their apprehension about being in front of the camera. However, during their Engagement Session -- at Angie's family's beautifully rustic Saw Mill and surrounding family properties -- something magical happened!

As a witness to their remarkable transformation from camera-shy to camera-confident, I couldn't wait to share their story!

So, grab your popcorn and get ready to witness the awe-inspiring journey of Angie and Jamison through my lens!

Wedding Photographer Johnstown, PA
Wedding Photographer Johnstown pa
Wedding Photographer Johnstown, pa

Let's address the elephant in the room –- feeling awkward in front of the camera is completely normal! Even as a Wedding Photographer -- taking pictures EVERY weekend -- I will admit I even find myself feeling awkward IN FRONT of the camera!! BEHIND the camera -- NO BIG DEAL! I got this! - IN FRONT of the camera -- YIIKKEESS!! So when I say I understand.. I definitely mean I understand how it feels!! PLUS most of my Clients feel the exact same way -- so you're not the only one!

But fear not!! -- Amanda and I's sole purpose is to make each Session ...AND Wedding!! as comfortable (and fun!) as possible for each of our Brides and Grooms!! Jokes and laughter are a great way that we try to break the ice and let you focus on that Special Someone in front of you -- not camera in our hands!! For Angie and Jamison -- and as everyone can clearly see in their pictures! -- the initial feeling of unsureness was completely blow away by the pictures that we were able to capture of this AMAZING couple! Angie and Jamison embraced the opportunity to showcase their love, and the results were -- in my opinion! -- nothing short of spectacular!! ... I mean take a look for yourself!! I couldn't help myself in over delivering in their Engagement Session, because picture after picture was just too good!

Wedding Photographer johnstown PA
Wedding Photographer johnstown, PA

Angie's family's Saw Mill and beautiful property provided the perfect backdrop for their Engagement Session!! Surrounded by Rustic Charm of the Saw Mill and the Lush Green Fields that seemed endless in any direction you looked!! -- the couple effortlessly found themselves lost in the moment of our session, which produced amazing images!! From the moment I clicked the shutter, it was evident that they were right at home!

As a Wedding Photographer -- my job is to not only capture beautiful images but also to make couples feel comfortable and at ease!! It is such a compliment when my Couples say that they enjoyed the session, had fun!, and it wasn't as nerve racking as they thought it was going to be!! I must say -- Angie and Jamison were a dream to work with!! Every photograph I edited was a testament to their natural comfort and genuine connection between the two of them! From stolen glances to infectious laughter, their love shone through in every frame!

Wedding Photographer johnstown, pa
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Imagine this -- two sets of lenses pointed at you while you take a leisurely afternoon stroll in the middle of a field -- Sounds like a normal day, right? Well, for Angie and Jamison, it was. With Amanda and me capturing their magical moments, they transformed what could have been an awkward scenario into amazing pictures! Together, we created a relaxed atmosphere that allowed their love to flourish, resulting in stunning images! One of the most beautiful aspects of Angie and Jamison's session was the effortless laughter that filled the air! From silly jokes to playful banter -- their joy was infectious and we all were having a great time! As a photographer -- I couldn't ask for more! Each image I captured reflected their genuine happiness, showcasing their ability to be themselves in front of the camera and that is truly all that I could ever ask for in a session!

Edward Jacob Wedding Photography
Edward Jacob Wedding Photographer

Angie and Jamison's Engagement Session was nothing short of a photographer's dream come true!! They shattered the myth of awkwardness and proved that love, comfort, and confidence can shine through in even the most seemingly uncomfortable situations! Their journey from initial unease to effortless romance is a testament to the power of love and the magic that happens when couples trust their photographers.

So, if you're feeling camera-shy, remember Angie and Jamison's story, and embrace the opportunity to capture your own magical moments! -- Who knows? You might just surprise yourself and create memories that will last a lifetime!! We cannot wait to help Capture their Big Day in August of 2024!!

We hope that your lives are filled with Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After!

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Edward Jacob Wedding Photography Johnstown, PA

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