"Love is a lens through which we capture the essence of life."

This quote really speaks to me as a photographer!! -- With this quote in mind, I wanted to take a moment to talk about the AMAZING Engagement Session that Amanda and I had with Gillian and Glenn!! With the Historic town of Ligonier as the backdrop -- .. which mind you has a VERY special place in Gillian and Glenn's hearts ... more on this later!! -- this session was a wonderful mix of nostalgia, FUN!, and a genuine connection between two very kind and down to earth people!!

As Amanda and I eagerly anticipate their upcoming wedding at Bella Terra Winery in Hunker, PA!! -- let's take a moment to relish the amazing pictures we captured during their Engagement Session!

ligonier engagement session
ligonier pennsylvania engagement session

Every love story has its origins -- and for Gillian and Glenn -- it all started in the heart of Historic Ligonier!!

One of Amanda's favorite parts about photography -- and weddings in general!! -- is hearing how each couples journey to L-O-V-E began! Gillian and Glenn filled us in about their Love Story as we were walking right through where these two Love Birds had their very first date!!

As we all strolled through the picturesque streets, we couldn't help but imagine the sense of excitement and anticipation that must have filled the air when these two met for the very first time!! It was as if time had stood still when we all walked past the bench that they sat at -- talking and laughing with one another like they had known each other forever!! With our cameras with us it was fun to capture the starting point of their relationship!

historic ligonier pa engagement session

As Gillian and Glenn's journey continues, Amanda and I almost selfishly anticipate their Wedding Day!! -- which will take place at Bella Terra Winery in Hunker, PA!! Bella Terra is actually one of our very favorite wineries!! Surrounded by rustic charm ...and amazing wines!! -- this Venue will provide the perfect backdrop for their celebration of love! With Gillian and Glenn as the stars of the show and a glass... or two!!.. of sweet and savory goodness -- we already know that their Special Day is going to be one to remember!!

ligonier pa engagement session pictures
ligonier engagement session pictures

Gillian and Glenn's Engagement Session was SO FUN! From their humble beginnings on a bench in Historic Ligonier to the excitement and anticipation of their Special Day at Bella Terra Winery!! -- their story is one of love, laughter, and an undeniable connection!!

As photographers, Amanda and I feel so privileged to be trusted with capturing these timeless moments that will forever tell their Love Story! We are eagerly counting down the days until their Wedding -- where we will be able to capture their love story into memories that they can treasure for a lifetime together!!

Love, Laughter, and Lenses — this is the world Amanda and I live in!! -- and we are eternally grateful to Gillian and Glenn for allowing us to be a part of their journey!!

Stay tuned for the next chapter in their story, as we cover the beauty of their Wedding Day in May of 2024 through the lens of our cameras!! Until then, remember to embrace love, celebrate life, and capture the magic of each passing moment with the ones nearest and dearest to you!!

We hope that their lives are filled with Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After!

Edward Jacob

ligonier pa engagement pictures
ligonier engagement pictures
ligonier engagement pics
ligonier pa engagement pictures
ligonier pa engagement pics
ligonier pennsylvania engagement pictures

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