I just can't with these two!! We had such a great time capturing these pictures of Eric and Kayla in Downtown Pittsburgh!

Can I just say that these two Love Birds -- are the kindest, fun to be around, and down to earth couple out there!! Amanda and I had such a great time with this Engagement Session!! I felt that right from the start we were all having a great time and laughing -- it is like we had been friends and known each other for a long time!!

This is just -- I guess you probably know by now -- one of the main things that I love about photography!! I love that Amanda and I are able to meet some awesome couples AND when we are all having a good time and comfortable we are able to capture stunning images JUST LIKE THIS!! Because, if it's not fun -- it's not worth doing, Right?

downtown Pittsburgh engagement session
downtown Pittsburgh couple


The day of this Engagement Session was only a couple of days before I finalized the selling of my other business -- and I am not going to lie -- I was feeling unsure if I was making the right decision. Amanda and I prayed together for months about whether I should take this leap and focus solely on photography or to keep doing what I was doing. If you would ask anyone who knows me -- fitness has always been and will always be a huge part of my life, but at the same time -- there has been this weight on my heart about how much I loved photography and wanted to see where this new venture could take me.

I was unsure. I was unsure -- UNTIL -- after the session Amanda and I were driving home from Pittsburgh, and I received the nicest Text Message from Eric. This simple text message put all of my uncertainty and worries to rest. It was that Ah-Ha moment when you mentally prep talk yourself like, "Okay Edward, this is what you are supposed to be doing." I am thankful for Eric for sending that message, because now I have no doubts now that I am making the right decision for my life and cannot wait to see what God has in store for it! As I sit in bed writing this blog with a cup of coffee in my left hand and my Yorkie-Poo (Bela) snoring loudly on my right, I am so thankful for this beautiful life.

So Congratulations one more time to this Soon-To-Be Mr. and Mrs.!! We cannot wait to help capture lifelong memories for such an amazing couple as Eric and Kayla in October!!

We hope that your life is filled with Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After!!

Edward Jacob

downtown Pittsburg engagement

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