Let me begin with the fact that Amanda and I have been so fortunate enough to capture some really creative and unique Wedding Days -- but every once in a while -- you come across a couple that takes the concept of uniqueness to a whole new level!! Enter Corey and Michelle!! -- the Dynamic Duo whose Wedding Day was filled to the brim with awe-moments, surprises, and more fun than you can shake a camera at!!

From the First Look to the Surprise Song that left everyone's jaws on the floor -- this wedding was one rollercoaster of emotions!! -- and Amanda and I were super pumped to be there to capture it all!

So get ready to practice your best Karaoke Song and join me for a fun-filled Adventure of the Special Day for one Amazing Couple -- Corey and Michelle!

Willowbrook PA Wedding Photography
Willowbrook Wedding Photographer

What I loved most about Corey and Michelle's Special Day was their unwavering commitment to being true to themselves as a couple!! You see -- Amanda and I aren't marriage experts by any means -- but we have figured out over the past 10 years and counting -- that finding activities that you both enjoy can be the glue that holds a marriage together!

For us the list of activities that we enjoy to do together are -- going on Walks, Working Out, Sporting Clays, and our newest adventure, Muay Thai! To be completely transparent Muay Thai is something even as I am writing this down as an activity that we both enjoy is something that I was surprised that Amanda would enjoy, but we have been loving being able to enjoy this activity together!! Even after years.. and years.. and even more years!! -- she still manages to surprise me I guess!!

For Corey and Michelle, it's all about games -- and, of course, each other!! There was a special section at their Reception just for the games!! -- which I thought was unique and fun for the couple -- and most importantly their guests! What a neat idea to include all of their nearest and dearest friends and family with something that is so special and meaningful to this awesome couple!

Willowbrook Wedding
Willowbrook PA Wedding

Their wedding was a reflection of their love for games -- AND more importantly -- their love for each other!! They incorporated all of the activities seamlessly into their Special Day -- and it was so much fun to be able to witness!

BUT .... that is not even close to the coolest part of Michelle and Corey's Special Day!! I am telling you -- you are in for a treat for the next part of this blog -- it is something I have NEVER witnessed at a Wedding before!!

Wedding Photography Willowbrook
Wedding Photography Willowbrook PA

The highlight for me of the evening came when Michelle -- the bride herself -- unveiled her Secret Surprise!!

It was the very first time I have ever had a bride have the DJ play a song -- that she recorded herself for her groom! As the music started -- it was so good that, for a moment, I just thought it was just another radio hit that I did not hear before.

I mean -- that was until I saw Corey's face -- a mix of awe and absolute adoration for his bride! I mean take a look for yourself!! If this doesn't scream shock, awe, and utter amazement then I really don't know what does!! It was so breathtaking and such a cool experience to be able to witness with our couple -- and all of their guests!

Wedding Photography Willowbrook Volant PA
Wedding Photography Willowbrook Volant

This wasn't just another song from the radio -- it was an incredibly personal and heartfelt gift from Michelle to Corey! Witnessing his reaction, as well as the reactions of their guests, was an extraordinary moment that I had the privilege to capture with my lens!! It's really moments just like this that make me reflect about how awesome my job is!

Wedding Photography Willowbrook Volant, PA

What an AMAZING day! I can't believe this was the whole way back in September -- it really seems like yesterday!! Weddings like Corey and Michelle's remind me that love is an ever-evolving journey, filled with surprises, laughter, and beautiful, unique moments that truly define a couple's story!

I am beyond grateful to be even just a small part of Corey and Michelle's Big Day! I hope that they can look back on these pictures years from now sitting on their front porch and playing their favorite card game together and still feel the same way about each other that they did this September! So here's to Corey and Michelle!!

We hope that your lives are filled with Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever After!

Edward Jacob

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Willowbrook Volant, PA Wedding Photography
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