Strong is the New 40!!

Would you all take a moment to check out this Strong Mom!! What an AWESOME session!! I was EXTREMELY excited when Abby asked me to do this session for her 40th Birthday! And can I tell you -- 40 never looked so strong!

Not only was I pumped to do a creative session, but to do this with someone as awesome as Abby made this session extremely enjoyable!

I have known Abby for what seems forever now through my other business of owning a gym. And I wouldn't be the only person to tell you this -- but this woman is the definition of strength. Through her battles with Breast Cancer, resilience and positivity through life's endeavors, Abby is an absolutely amazing person and I feel blessed to know her! I don't recall a time that I have coached her and we have not shared a laugh or two! -- I love that about her!

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40 Never Looked so Strong!!

I am so proud of Abby and everything that she has accomplished inside and outside of the gym!! I am so glad that she chose me to do this session for her and I look forward to celebrating more accomplishments with and for Abby in the future!

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Are you looking for a Creative Session?

Are you looking for someone to capture a Creative Session for you? Maybe it is a fitness session like Abby or maybe you have something else in mind!! I would LOVE to get creative with you and see what we can capture!

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