People let me tell you 'bout my Best Friend

When Amanda and I moved back to Johnstown from North Carolina Corey and Mindi quickly became one of our closest friends!!

So when Corey called me up and told me that he wanted to surprise Mindi for Mother's Day with a photography session -- how could I possibly pass up this opportunity to hang with one of my bestest friends and snap a few pictures of their beautiful family!?! OF COURSE I AM IN!

A warm hearted person who'll love you 'til the end

It is evident through these pictures that this family is full of LOVE!! You can see it on their faces and in how they interact with one another! What I admire the most about Corey and Mindi is their hard working nature and the extremely success business that they have grown together! Corey and Mindi are the proud owners of Flair of Country Catering! If you have not had their food -- let me tell you, you are missing out!! I have been very lucky to have it on several occasions and it is the best!! Maybe this is a shameless plug OR maybe just maybe it is the Best Wedding, Graduation, Special Occassion food you will have have hot and ready for your next Special Day!! You'll have to try it yourself to make that decision!

People let me tell you 'bout them they're so much fun

Not only are Corey and Mindi an amazing catering company -- but they have also recently expanded their operations into the Wedding Venue industry!!

CHECK OUT THE NEWEST WEDDING VENUE IN JOHNSTOWN, PA -- The Willow!! Amanda and I are SO INCREDIBLY excited for them, because we have known that having their own Wedding Venue has been their dream and we are BEYOND happy for them that this dream is coming into fruition!

'Cause they're my Best Friends, Yes they're my Best Friends!

I'll just end this blog with Connor being nothing less than a Crocco boy! Mud-stains, getting into mischief, and has a big ol' smile on his face!!

What a great day, what a great family!! ...Did I mention that they are my Best Friends? ...Maybe only once or twice!